Challenge #02821-G264: Caste of the Shadows

“Before I make my request I will let you know the you may get angry.” I barely said anything but the tension of the room skyrocketed. The duchess straight face slowly firmed up “go on”. Steeling my resolve “I cannot really sugarcoat it, so I will be blunt.” My gaze drifted noticing the axe next to the chair where the duchess was sitting. “Basically, I want to experiment on your daughter-“ the axe that was by her chair was now lodged in the wall behind me. The entirety of my instinct scream at me to run, but I can’t stop now, I’m so close. The words were at the back of my throat slowly but surely they came out “to create a barrier based off her ability to wield the darkness. Although you and your husband have the ability, they are both internal based, your daughter is the rare case where she is external based. With the results I will be able to protect everyone that you rule over, and that is a promise.” -- Anon Guest

The Vicerene DeGluem was, as the palace staff euphemistically called it, playing with her shadow puppets. What she was actually doing was playing with the very shadows themselves. Turning them into shapes. Turning them into physical objects. Making them dance and perform for her. She was six years old and had no fear of monsters in the dark. With her powers, any monster in its right mind was afraid of her.

That's what I was banking on. The Duchy would be protected, oh yes. The Vicerene was a talented little lady in the ways of shadows. Most of her line could only manipulate their own, or work with extant shadows. The Vicereine Solaria could create them and make them solid enough to move physical objects. Her puppets did not have voices, so she provided them in her play.

Gods help me, I was about to experiment on a baby to save the realm. The forces of true evil were nibbling away at the Duchy's ability to defend itself and the Vicereine was the only one with the power to do anything. I already vowed to her protection. I would do everything in my power to augment hers without her pain.

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