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Challenge #03013-H090: Something Popped Up

Young Vee gains a reputation among the village as a child healer, a toddler prodigy, a little sorceress with a healing touch. It is rumored she can heal any wound, and any illness, that befalls a person. Unfortunately, that rumor spreads outside the valley through travelers, and falls into the ears of less than scrupulous adventurers seeking to gain fame and fortune.

Vee's from this prompt. -- Anon Guest

Several alarming things occurring in Lower Petraine. The starting point was that the ersatz mayor's toddler was shaping up to be a very powerful sorcerer indeed. All because Marvin Antheson was the adopted child of the Kobold Rogue, Lady Anthe. Draconic heritage actually works on adopted family, if the love bond is strong enough.

Second, that selfsame toddler could apparently cast Wish. At least, that was the diagnosis for Rar and his new eye. They couldn't tell, and Vee was not in control of her magics just yet. Small children with their magic taking anchor were a terror under the wrong circumstances. For instance - an infant Tiefling in distress is capable of using Thaumaturgy to make their emotional state known to anyone in a very large radius.

Third - she had yet to use any other magics but "Kiss Better", which was even more disturbing. What else could she kiss better? What else was she capable of? The entirety of Lower Petraine unanimously decided to keep her away from the more disturbing edges of medical intervention. That did not stop word getting around.

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Challenge #02821-G264: Caste of the Shadows

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