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Challenge #04027-K009: Planet-wide Intervention

A: leave this forest you are a plague to the realm.

B: first off, rude. Secondly I’m just observing the night sky. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

A: You are nothing but weeds that need to go.

B: look I can see that “Miasma” and “demons” are invading this forest why don’t ask the neighbouring kingdoms to help? Hell even the “Human” sacred magic might help.

A: the orc and dwarf are too brutish and drunk to help and don’t mention those dull ear scu-

Suddenly the ground began to shake, dozen of different animals began to flee and panic as a giant crack rips across the sky.


B: like I said “observing”

The strange figure put a finger near their ear

B: [Observer to Central Command] [I repeat this is Observer #177013 to Central Command do you hear me?] [ Dimensional Barrier integrity is at 65%, Astral energy is now leaking into this layer ] [natives are fractures, different nation fighting for who is the supreme race, resources and beliefs, unable to unite within 250 years of hidden intervention.]

[ Recommendations: abandon this realm] -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have said it before and I've said it again. PLEASE... Do not send me your own diddly-dang story as a prompt. The briefer and vaguer a prompt is, the more fun and liberty I can have with the thing]

Some worlds are best left alone to their own devices. The Terran Planetary Survey Force knows this. Their teams are trained to not interfere. That said, many of them interfere anyway. Forgiveness may be the providence of the divine, but to meddle is essentially Human.

This was one of the deepest-time colonies that Humanity had ever made or encountered.

Their goal, to make fantasy into reality, had actually worked. Magic... in as far as it could exist... did exist in this world. And so did Elves, Dwarves, Dragons... and many other things. This was not Mythos, where gengineering had made creatures that looked like fantasy creatures. This was a world where fantasy had become reality.

Elves ruled the world. They could live for five hundred years, and revelled in high standards of perfection. Dwarves labored inside mountains and underground. Digging out anything shiny and creating vast caverns filled with life adapted to the dark. There were creatures that came into being simply because of belief in the divine or the profane.

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Challenge #04019-K001: Careful Scrutiny

What looks like an ordinary cat is sitting on the slightly crumpled lip of a garage awning. However, those that can see through the illusion realizes it's a young dragon watching the humans quietly. -- Anon Guest

As far as domestic cats were concerned, this one was a bruiser. Larger than the average housecat, and clearly a shorthair. It was also clearly nestled on a bent portion of roof. Some humorous images could circulate if anyone paid attention to it.

In this

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Challenge #03997-J345: One Spell From Concerning

A mage, a very strong one, sought out Wraithvine and asked, very politely, if they would be be willing to spar her. She wanted to see how well her abilities matched to the legendary wizard's. Of course, this was a sparring match, not a full-blown wizard's duel where one was trying to kill the other, so while tiring, it would be safe enough. -- Anon Guest

For training purposes, no Wizard of a higher level is permitted to use harmful spells on

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Challenge #03982-J330: Fishing With the (ex) King

"Uncle Kosh, what is the Blood Throne?" Asked the small child sitting at his side as they quietly fished together. -- Anon Guest

Kosh looked twice at the little Hellkin 'nibling[1]' sharing the riverbank with him. He hadn't thought he was that far from Trispire and he certainly wasn't outside of what used to be his kingdom. Hells, since he retired to the title of Baronet of Arachis, he didn't need to wear any kind of insignia. He avoided it

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Challenge #03631-I343: Core Education

More lessons for the young man, maybe a few life lessons on self care, and self confidence? Maybe, eventually, helping others from that school? -- Anon Guest

They say that the oldest magic is the strongest, and they're not wrong. In the glory days of forgotten empires, there were less people for more magic. So of course every spell was stronger and had lasting power.

In the more recent day, such as the days Strodius

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Challenge #03479-I191: Ring the End of Melancholy

See the comments on this link for the prompt? Long story short, he's been sent by the gods into the elf's life because Wraithvine NEEDS him. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: The comment in question is, "The more I read of Amatu the more I really think his quest is to help WRAITHVINE bring the light back into hir life. I'm starting to think the poor immortal elf has endured so much pain hir heart is starting to

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Challenge #03066-H158: Stolen By the Fae

Especially at the beginning of integrating humans into the Galactic Alliance, there are still humans that have never been to space, don't really need any training. What do a fierce crew who have 2 (as many as you want) death-defy-ing humans think of this? do they visit earth and see this? or is a human with no training forced out into space. how crazy can a human with no training be? probably just as crazy but that's not the point lol. Chaos

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Challenge #02235-F045: Sing Out the Sun

"Hey what song are you singing today?"

"'I love those J-I-N-G-L-E bells.'"

"Oh good. I can hang my laundry today." -- Anon Guest

There are interesting wrinkles to being a life companion for a bard. Especially if that bard took a level or two in the Druidic arts, apparently for the laughs. One of them is the daily practice session. Not that Jiihan needed it. She was a very good bard... but the druidic edge put certain harmonic combinations at a

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Challenge #01528-D067: World-threatening

What do they eat, anyway?

::snort:: Anything. They don't care. They're roaming, poisonous, armoured, Dark Magic-spawned garbage disposals. -- RecklessPrudence

"Dark Magic is extinct. It's been extinct for thousands of years," objected Thaldrik.

"And they've been around that long," said Maester Kadfel. "Possibly longer. It was their creation that lead to the uprising against Dark Magic and its subsequent elimination." She tapped the illustration. "For now, they seem content to remain in the calderas of Mount Seethe, and eat... whatever they find

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Challenge #01501-D040: Dis-possessed

"There is no room for demons, when you're already self-possessed" - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

The demon Az'bar'bijol, once summoned, launched itself at the luckless human who was foolish enough to read its incantation out loud. And almost got the spiritual equivalent of a concussion when it was repelled by a possessing force already in residence, so to speak.

"Nice try," said the human. "But you can't do that with me. And... soon as I whip up a binding spell, you won't

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Challenge #01386-C291: Anti-serendipity

"What happened to the scarf of invulnerability?"

"Uh... my cat ate it." -- OohLookShiny

The cat in question growled from its position under the ottoman. Yellow eyes glowed out from the shadows.

"The good news," said Ki'van, "is that the scarf itself is invulnerable. We... um... just have to wait a bit."

Now the growling from under the ottoman took on a slightly musical quality. So... the cat wasn't just pissed at him.

"I know she'll try to take my arm off

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Challenge #01187-C092: Panning For Golden Moments

The patter of rain on the old stone walkways. The scent of wildflowers emerging in the nearby fields. The distant sounds of explosions from some student mispronouncing an incantation on the other side of the school.

It’s the little things that get you through the day. -- Anon Guest

Kel sighed. Damn her roommate for spiking her sleep potion with Abstract of Melancholia. There was no remedy but time, and staying off of sleep aids for a week.

It was going

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