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Challenge #03936-J284: Creative Creations

"Should the day come when even I'm not here anymore, please look after this database [DATA CORRUPTED]."

(who is this... Why is this message in my records...)

"Do you have something that's irreplaceable, [DATA CORRUPTED]?"

(irreplaceable... broken parts... can be simply replaced...)

"You'll definitely find it one day, [DATA CORRUPTED]."

(Such things... will only cause trouble...)

"When that time comes... You should leave this place behind" -- Anon Guest

Someone had made it, that was the only certainty. Someone clever. Someone rich. Someone had put gears and cogs and magic together with tools and spells and made... it. A thing that looked like a middle-sized intelligent creature.

A machine that could follow instructions, but also think and reason on its own. Given a task, it could find ways to surmount or subvert obstacles. It could stop if the goal was impossible. Unlike the elemental constructs, that would mindlessly continue on their appointed task until they were destroyed or ordered otherwise by their masters.

That was pretty much all this one knew as it came into awareness. It had been sat on a shelf in a workshop, long gone to dust and cobwebs. What activated it was unknown. Who made it was unknown.

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Challenge #03819-J167: Artistic and Edible

A human made a tray of "silly treats." Grapes stuffed into raspberries so they looked like they were wearing little beards, unpeeled apple slices with apples spread with a bit of frosting and marshmallows to look like smiling mouths, oranges peeled to look like big, fat, flowers, etc. Why? Just to share treats with friends and to enjoy life. -- Anon Guest

Of all the foodstuff inventions created by Humans, the most famous is their food-on-a-stick. The second most famous is, interestingly

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Monday, Whoopsidoodle

I forgot what day it was. Something about napping during a day makes me lose track of time.

The good news is that I was there for the Foundry's backup reads. And now I shall be going henceforth to do the offerings.

I am going to focus on making a thing. I shall quit at the frustration point for sure. The point is I'm kind'a tired of saying I want to do things and then not actually doing them.

I am going

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Challenge #03486-I198: All Turned to Ash

At the end of it all, The Void returned, now white as fallen snow. It swept across The Great Canvas, consuming all in its path.

In the destruction, there was absolute chaos. In the emptiness that followed, there was absolute order. Both found harmony, in the end, and everything was still. Silent. At peace, forevermore.

Battles long past, alliances forged, the endless struggle of order and chaos, all lost to time, like footsteps in the snow.

So ends The Great Canvas. --

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Challenge #02897-G340: Mistakes Were Made

The first thing they noticed was the running, stumbling humans, exiting a building. The second thing they noticed was that the humans that weren't too busy choking and gasping were shouting "put on your livesuits!" and "we need particle masks!"

Once the fire had been extinguished and the building was airing out, the story of What Happened This Time was told.

It was a story involving Carolina Reapers and a malfunctioning kitchen fan. Every human involved had the same thing to say

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Challenge #02666-G109: Perplexing Perambulation

"Necessity is the mother of invention... Boredom is the father." -- SilverRey

So many inventions happen because their inventor thinks that they are vital. Others occur because they will create a tactical advantage against an enemy. Some rare and interesting inventions happen because the creator had nothing better to do.

Case in point - weird vehicles.

People don't need a bicycle that walks on feet, nor do they need a chariot drawn by crab-like legs. They don't need a powered boat with

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Challenge #02635-G078: Added Value is Free

The most sought-after beings in the Galactic Alliance are those describes as "creators" Creators of all sorts are in High demand all over. From those that create worlds with only the written word, "private and amateur" educators, that use the video sharing and promoting to spread their knowledge, to the engineers and scientists that look at a problem and imagine new and different solutions to solve them (gravity drive anyone?!?)

With Zillions of Citizens, there is always demand for content, and therefore,

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Challenge #02615-G058: Useless? Never Heard of It

those odd coins in the bottom of your pocket or bag. Putting them to good use. -- Anon Guest

As a member of the Loyal Order of Hitchhikers, it is prudent to clean out one's bags regularly. Especially the bags one uses for currency. As one makes one's way through several cultures and territories, one accumulates small change like a piece of sticky tape accumulates lint. This is most important as weight limits can prevent further travel and some coin weighs more

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Challenge #02216-F026: The Boredom Compulsion

This rumination on Queen's three types of songs, as seen by aliens trying to understand these odd Deathworlders. -- RecklessPrudence

If there is anything to cause the Human brain to skip a few gears, it's listening to The Prophet's Song followed by Fat Bottomed Girls. Both are clearly sung by the same man. Learning that both are written by the same man just makes the disparity more obvious.

One is a philosophical piece about those who foresee doom down the road and

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Challenge #01905-E081: Who, Me?

Excuses both lame and creative. -- Knitnan

Of all the forces of creativity, imagination, and progenitation available, nothing in the known universe is more powerful and simultaneously more inept than a small child who has been caught out, and is desperately digging to get themselves out of the hole they are already in.

"Uhm," said Kae. Elbow-deep in the cookie jar. There was no denying that her hand was in there, and there could be some debate that she was, indeed, taking

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Challenge #01490-D029: Prophecy From Another Dimension

You should write for Steemit...

Oh, that's right! You already do! Just "discovered" you there today... Having fun reading you, THANKS! -- @creatr

The message arrived via postcard under their door. They pondered over it for hours, because they had never written a word in their life. Everything was too busy. There was no time. There was no space to create anything in. Their space was a mere bed-sit[1] with cardboard walls and loud neighbours. It was the exact opposite of

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