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Challenge #04107-K089: Truth and Consequences

An egotistical heir to a throne was lying to everyone about how they were "best friends with Wraithvine hirself!" and using that as a threat to get people to listen. Wraithvine finds out about the loose-tongued young teen and decides to make it so they have to be more....honest, whether they want to speak honestly or not. -- Anon Guest

It's technically well-acknowledged that an heir to the crown can take charge of their nation at the age of twelve. It's also well-acknowledged that letting that happen is a very bad idea. Evil advisors creep in, or viziers find a way to take over.

There's very little more vulnerable to oily flattery than a twelve-year-old between throne and crown. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the affairs of the Crown Prince Demetrios Ijallahath, he had an ace up his sleeve that he played often. His very good friend Wraithvine.

Nobody ever saw the Eternal Wizard, but there was an essential element of plausible deniability in hir existence in the area. After all, ze was a legendary mage who could do anything and frequently did. Further, there were assorted Mummer Mages who went around absorbing Wraithvine's fame for their personal fortunes. There could well be someone pretending to be Wraithvine somewhere in the castle's multitude of wings.

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Challenge #01905-E081: Who, Me?

Excuses both lame and creative. -- Knitnan

Of all the forces of creativity, imagination, and progenitation available, nothing in the known universe is more powerful and simultaneously more inept than a small child who has been caught out, and is desperately digging to get themselves out of the hole they are already in.

"Uhm," said Kae. Elbow-deep in the cookie jar. There was no denying that her hand was in there, and there could be some debate that she was, indeed, taking

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Challenge #01478-D017: Popular Lies

Write about a false prophet. -- WriteAboutNowBlr

"And in the bright new age of reckoning, we will no longer have freeloaders sucking on the government teat," preached the man in the large, bright suit. "There will be no need for government! No need for taxes! Those who can fulfil a need will do so, and those who need will be sated!"

The crowd cheered. Of course they did. It was a message they wanted to hear.

"In this way, and in this

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Lies, damn lies, and Mayhem

My son seems to be a pathological liar.

I’ve reduced his computer time. I catch him out and lecture him EVERY single time [average: about 5 times a day, including made-up stories to “fit in” with the conversation]. We’ve even spent an entire night telling lies to him so he gets an idea about how frustrating it is to live with a liar.

He still lies.

He lies to get the things he wants. He lies

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