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Challenge #01692-D231: Items of Mass Destruction

It was hard not to admire a four-year-old who could disassemble a hygiene unit into so many pieces it took three engineers most of a duty shift to put it back together. -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the destructive items that humanity has in its collective repertoire, the two that cause the most amazement and confoundment are: the average pants pocket, and their own young. Left unsupervised, they can cause more chaos, destruction, and all-out-entropy than the tools actively designed to do so.

Delthrax stared at the prisoner/hostage. This was a human youngling. Barely past the age of controlling where they expelled their waste. Not only had hir capture failed to quell the human attacks on the S'dorath fleet, but this near-infant had managed to disassemble the entirety of hir containment cell and then proceeded to wreak utter havok wherever it went.

The trail of destruction was quite impressive. From hand-prints on the walls, through half-eaten ration portions and small objects scattered with foot-wounding precision all over the most-trodded corridors of the ship, to random dissassembly of equally random, yet vital, ships' instruments and control systems. It would take teams of engineers days to undo that which this... child had done in mere hours.

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Lies, damn lies, and Mayhem

My son seems to be a pathological liar.

I’ve reduced his computer time. I catch him out and lecture him EVERY single time [average: about 5 times a day, including made-up stories to “fit in” with the conversation]. We’ve even spent an entire night telling lies to him so he gets an idea about how frustrating it is to live with a liar.

He still lies.

He lies to get the things he wants. He lies

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