A 5-post collection

Day Two! Whoo!

Watching a little number climb has become exciting again. I'm gaining some hope at firkin last. Things might actually begin to look up.

In personal news, I actually finished a story I started. It was one of the things I've been writing for fun. Not anything I've been writing with money in goal. Meh. I'm taking any singular win I can grab, these days.

Now onto the losers:

  • Lebanon's exploded
  • Aussie reporter calls the Muppet out on his lies including data fudging to make everything look so much better than it is
  • Queensland closes the loophole that allows diplomats to skate through quarantine. Now all they have to do is close the loopholes that let filthy rotten liars with forged paperwork through
  • Panic-buying in New South Wales and Victoria skips out on 'roo
  • China and USA might go to war
  • Permits to leave the home are initiated in Melbourne
  • Famous people start calling out people to wear their firkin masks
  • New word is coined - Maskhole - a portmanteau of Mask and Asshole. Someone who refuses to wear a mask and thereby stop the plague from spreading
  • Maccas initiates home delivery service to aid in their profits helping people through the incipient lockdown

Today, I suspect that email is yet another thing my currently wheezing compy is incapable of working on. Therefore, I have my lappy by my compy so that I don't miss anything. Allegedly.

I could still have mondo head fog so let's see.

Six Days Virus-free in QLD

I've been keeping tabs on Queensland Health's page about the cases in my allegedly sunny state1 link here. So far, for six days, there have been no new cases. I might actually get to relax very soon.

Won't that be nice?

In the news today, Victoria has had spikes left right and center. This is possibly in direct relation to all those idiots who wanted to open up when the plague was still raging, and then refusing to enact safety protocols

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When we can look at another and not see their skin
Or their gender
Or their tattoos
Or their piercings
Or their hairstyle
Or their personal preferences
Or their politics
Or their social status

When we can talk to another and not argue
But accept
That everyone has a point of view

When we can see a task that needs to be done
And roll up our sleeves
And pitch in
Regardless of our own status
And get something done

When we

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