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Challenge #01733-D272: Betrayed

...Deciding to shelve that until my next scheduled freak out, I... -- RecklessPrudence

Sometimes, there's no help. You just have to deal with whatever until it's dealt with or the help finally gets there and you can let other people deal with the thing. I long for those days.

My name is Yani. And this is my second year alone. I'm getting ping from the comms networks, so I know these are going out. As is the automated distress signal. Why anyone hasn't come... I don't know. I have my suspicions, but... I'm not receiving anything other than a ping. I can't say anything for certain.

What I know is: I crashed. By the time I came to on this little island, something had happened to blacken the sky. Every day is overcast, now. And I can't repair my plane. It's a write off. I know that I'm not worth much to my Great Nation. I've been sending out the signal for... for too long. No sign of rescue. I know the war is still going because... there was never a time of peace. And I know I used to have two options: Army or Jail.

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The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett |

The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett |


So the final Discworld title has been announced; it is going to be The Shepherd's Crown and will be the fifth installment in the Tiffany Aching series.

While I am delighted at another foray into Tiffany's life, I am also heartbroken that this will be the last new words we will get to read.

GNU Terry Pratchett

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fabulous-by-choice: #HerNameWasTaylor Taylor Alesana. 16 Year Old Trans Girl Committed Suicide On April 2nd. We've lost 7 trans youths just...


Taylor Alesana. 16 Year Old Trans Girl Committed Suicide On April 2nd.
We’ve lost 7 trans youths just this year. Its April. 4th month into the year.
How much longer until society figures out that bullying and depression and suicide isn’t something that you just “grow out of” or “deal with it” or “kids will be kids”

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In Memorium

Dad would of been 78 on the 2nd of April this year. I decided to hold back on publishing this, because of all the April 1 stuff on my dash.

But I couldn’t let it pass unmarked. So, below the cut, is everything my father was to me.

Dad Was…

I was told I’d have ten minutes to tell everyone about a lifetime with my father. One - that’s clearly impossible. And two - I suck

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Poo bum wee

I just spent all day trying to come up with something clever and winding up with fail.

And then, to top it off, I tried to make Spore work on my Mac again.

I know there’s worse things to happen to people than spending all day on a computer, but… I was trying my hardest to be clever and the universe just kept on reminding me that I’m stupid.

I feel pretty damn worthless right now.


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Goodbye, ZLC

Yesterday, my zippy little car (ZLC) reached a crisis point. Something broke inside which would wind up costing a significant portion of a new car.

I love my ZLC. My tiny, bright orange Mitsubishi Colt. I loved how I could just cruise into tight spaces or manouvre like a dream with it.

I’ve had it for ten years. That’s a long time for any piece of technology.

It was the most expensive birthday present I ever had. The

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Feckin' entropy

It’s Friday. Five days into Sore Footsville. The sink is full of dirty dishes. The countertop is full of dirty dishes and filthy pots and pans.

Laundry is piling up again. Debris is starting to gather on the floor.

I am physically incapable of doing a damn thing about it.

Hubby and Shiftless are working late every night. The only person I can rely on to do anything is Mayhem.

Mayhem’s 10. He’d much rather be

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Inevitable Entropy

Entropy is defined as the state in which things take the least energy to remain so.

Water follows the path of least resistance. So do electrons.

And, apparently, so does house-mess. It’s very simple to observe. Especially in a house containing at least one hoarder.

Five people live in our house. Only one cleans more than their own mess. When that one gets sick or incapacitated… Everything is left behind.

The “not mine” mess piles up. It

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When we can look at another and not see their skin
Or their gender
Or their tattoos
Or their piercings
Or their hairstyle
Or their personal preferences
Or their politics
Or their social status

When we can talk to another and not argue
But accept
That everyone has a point of view

When we can see a task that needs to be done
And roll up our sleeves
And pitch in
Regardless of our own status
And get something done

When we

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