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Challenge #03217-H308: The Future You Want

They had supplies for when the waste material hit the proverbial fan blades. Their neighbors knew they had stockpiled for a long, long time just in case. Then things went south. The neighbors did not raid them but, instead, came to ask to work with them, as they, themselves, were mildly disabled and could not do everything alone anymore due to their age. This came in handy when others decided to try to raid them, however, and the neighbors let people know, you want to hurt their friend, you have to get through them, first. You want to help, work together, and survive? The door's open, just leave your weapons over there in the locker before you come in. -- Anon Guest

My name is Bob, and I'm not like the other survivalists. A great deal of them focus in the fantasy of themselves and anyone they hold dear against the world. They're all about defending their family and never thinking about what happens when their child grows up.

They never ponder the next generation working their way out of the chaos. For most of them? It's all about the guns.

I mean sure, they make hunting more efficient and you can defend yourself with them, but there's better ways to work things. For example - pick a geologically stable area with decent rainfall and good drainage and then populate all of it with companion plants that are either medicinal or edible or both. Set up an ecology. Build the facilities on places where little to nothing prospers. But most especially, make friends with the people around you.

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Challenge #02918-G361: Lone Wolf and Club

This is actually more from the comments below this prompt. But yeah, the Punk knows where it's at!

They were a lone wolf. They stockpiled canned foods, tons of ammo, had enough firearms for an army! They had water filters, at least some, and learned how to make soap, how to camp out, all the basics. Their plan? Live on what they could, and when they ran out, take what they wanted. If the people refused

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Challenge #02848-G291: The Punk Choice

They are preppers, but not the type people think of. They did have places of safety, yes. They did have a way to defend themselves, hunt, fish, and all the usual equipment, though instead of firearms they had crossbows and regular bows. And instead of tons of expensive fishing equipment, it was basic rods and reels, fishing lines, hooks, bobbers and sinkers, no expensive lures, nothing like that.

They did have some dried and canned foodstuffs, things that could be eaten and

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Challenge #02529-F339: The Truest Heroes

Human librarians, or "not every human is visually, vocally, or physically intimidating...or needs to be to be fearsome." -- Anon Guest

[AN: Have you met any librarians, Nonny? They only appear soft and weak. They lift tomes on the daily, have a vast knowledge of nearly everything, and a supernatural ability to put up with seventeen different kinds of horseshit at once. They are therefore minor gods.]

In a world of ignorance, a knowledgeable person is either king or crazy. In

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Challenge #01733-D272: Betrayed

...Deciding to shelve that until my next scheduled freak out, I... -- RecklessPrudence

Sometimes, there's no help. You just have to deal with whatever until it's dealt with or the help finally gets there and you can let other people deal with the thing. I long for those days.

My name is Yani. And this is my second year alone. I'm getting ping from the comms networks, so I know these are going out. As is the automated distress signal. Why anyone

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Challenge #00945-B214: After the Revolution

You might like this.

The Pyro Plague had finally run its course. The only plants left to make the air marginally breathable were the ones that were too toxic for the Plague to attack. Which was nice for those plants, but not so great for the humans who needed them to live.

Of course, the people revolted against the companies who had made the plague possible. And who insisted on monocultures of food crops, genetically engineered to be delicious. When the plague

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