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Mayhem was sick, yesterday. Pointing finger aimed at a whole load of sugar over the holidays. We both decided that he would be better off going without sugar for a bit and seeing if that improved things for him.

Three guesses what Mayhem decided to do in the middle of the night?

He made the supremely "wise" decision to raid someone else's Erastide gift, and break it in the process. Without even bothering to ask if it was anyones.


His defense of grabbing the gift for himself - "I didn't know who it belonged to". His defense of leaving the 'for grabs' chocolate was identical. Just. WHY?

I'm understandably upset about this, especially since the Erastide gift in question was earmarked for MeMum. And irreplaceable until next firkin year. I'm vexed. I'm furious. I'm firkin pissed.

...and I really don't know how to handle this.

Mayhem really has a knack for helping himself without asking, and that is going to one day lead him into some mega mondo trouble. With housemates, with snugglebuddies, with friends, with... anyone he cohabits with, to be honest. Boy needs to watch himself because someone may object by breaking one of his bones.

Also - small shock that he's sick this morning. He's rang the school and made his appointment for the note and will be getting an intervention about making certain he sticks to his decisions.

Meanwhile, I have to get rattling on literally everything, including the Patreon stuff I couldn't get to yesterday.

Slow start

I didn't get to sit at my computer until 10AM, today. We went shopping after getting the kids to school.

And I'm learning how corporations are getting everything messed up so they can make more money. Like, even more than I suspected. The profit motive is the most insidious and venal motive there ever was.

Monsanto is excellent at killing things. And that includes its customers. And the soil their products are used on.

I am very glad we're going to be

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Setting up and Botheration

I'm setting up an alternate account where I can talk about things that I can't really talk about here. Of course I won't be linking to it, because it will give things away that I have to protect.

When I get back to my Shrink [I have a Shrink, now!] I'll tell them, but otherwise, it's between Beloved and I and whomsoever finds me to follow.

And because this is my first sort-of-persona, I'm still nervy about letting my ugly mug be

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Like, follow and reblog if you dislike follow-trolls, like-whores and reblog monkeys

It’s the Tumblr bestiary and it’s right under the cut.

I’ve noticed a few trends with Tumblr of late, and these are the three that get on my pecs the most.


This blogger used to say insightful things. Or post lots of images that just plain made your day. You scoped out their whole blog, which was also loaded with insightful wisdom. For a few weeks, your life is made better by their insights.


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Poo bum wee

I just spent all day trying to come up with something clever and winding up with fail.

And then, to top it off, I tried to make Spore work on my Mac again.

I know there’s worse things to happen to people than spending all day on a computer, but… I was trying my hardest to be clever and the universe just kept on reminding me that I’m stupid.

I feel pretty damn worthless right now.


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