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Challenge #03352-I064: Just in Their Nature

Amatu and Wraithvine have a long talk about the enchanted bell and the fact it so badly affects wizards like hir, in addition to the fact it is one of the most powerful artifacts Wraithvine's seen in their very, very long lifetime. -- Anon Guest

Out of Amatu's hands, it was harmless. Nobody else could make it sound like he did. It was also resistant to any kind of identification, which made it merely annoying.

"I mislike it," announced Wraithvine, having exhausted all of hir magic in trying to divine its nature. "A middle finger thrown up at the rules of the universe. It should be nothing more than a trinket, but... it clearly is not."

Amatu very carefully put it back into its special pouch. "You're mad it won't tell you what it is, aren't you?"

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