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Challenge #04164-K146: A Very Simple Lesson

B'Nari medic learns the secret of how some sea creatures eternally renew their genetic telomeres without any harm to themselves. And begin to splice this coding into new bodies which now stop aging after becoming adults because the telomeres never degrade. -- The New Guy

[AN: Pretty sure the B'Nari would be looking into that before they hared off with their gengineering colony]

Immortality can be either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how the immortal views it. It also depends on how much influence the immortal has, and in which direction. Just as one can change the world with two kind hands... all it takes to ruin one is a singular cruel heart.

B'Nar was founded on the idea of creating the perfect workers for their purpose. Several gengineering corporations went down deep time to operate in competition with each other. The results may be dubious, but the experiment is nominally successful. Some stumbles were made along the way.

Nobody talks about the fifth world, these days, but the records are there for the curious. Pour encourager les autres.

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Challenge #03967-J315: Inspiration for Technology

We've designed a building where, if the bricks break, they grow back, if we need new quarters, we grow them. This building is based on nanotech and plants, and we're happy to say, it's working well, even for the humans. -- Fighting Fit

First: bricks should not break. There's something about the clay here that doesn't bind properly, and shipping the right kind of clay would end up costing Years[1]. A more local solution is more amenable than a distant one,

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Challenge #03961-J309: An Attempt Was Made

Biowarfare, one of the nastiest of all weapons. A dying person falls against Sunshine as he stalks a dereg world to hunt his target. The pale lips whisper "They're about to attack CRC, warn them." And hands the killer a file warning of the disease, engineered to try to circumvent the immunoflu. -- Anon Guest

The datachip was smaller than Mr Sunshine's fingernail. Light and small and easy to lose. Mr Sunshine added it to a case in his pocket. He knew

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Challenge #03281-BONUS007: Editing the First Draft

The creation of the Mycojelly Dogs is patented and sold as a therapy / safety device for Bad Luckers, and to people of Pax Humanis working on controlling episodes of explosive temper. Each "animal" carefully created and programmed for each person's special needs. And the Time is just rolling in by the centuries! -- Anon Guest

TM&TT was a corporation almost fully funded by the CRC. There was a life cycle with the circulating funds,

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Challenge #03183-H274: That's Why a Duck

A geneticist looks into a way of splicing the good luck gene into bad-luckers. Using gene therapy as a way to try to turn around the lonely, painful, lives so many bad luckers are forced to exist within. -- Fighting Fit

The luck gene is a fickle, fickle beast. Some people get the worst luck whilst also being a living good luck charm for everyone around them. That's not the worst of it. Some are bad luck to a huge swathe of

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Challenge #02877-G320: Just Because You Can...

time to get spooky -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video linked is some very clever stop animation and I do NOT believe those are actual organic pumpkins. That would be WAY too involved for a piece of art that took months to make. Double cleverness is inventing Halloween lyrics to fit in with Hall of the Mountain King]

Human creativity knew no bounds. One of their favourites was creating the impossible. Inanimate vegetable matter should not have expressions. Once carved to have expressions,

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