Challenge #03967-J315: Inspiration for Technology

We've designed a building where, if the bricks break, they grow back, if we need new quarters, we grow them. This building is based on nanotech and plants, and we're happy to say, it's working well, even for the humans. -- Fighting Fit

First: bricks should not break. There's something about the clay here that doesn't bind properly, and shipping the right kind of clay would end up costing Years[1]. A more local solution is more amenable than a distant one, after all.

Me? I was inspired by the remains of Angkor Wat, and the trees simultaneously knocking the buildings down and holding them up. With nanites and cellulose and a certain amount of gengineering jiggery-pokery...

We came up with self-healing bricks. They don't need mortar, they just... splice themselves. With the help of a little brick butter, of course.

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