Friday, Progress to Crimbo

Okay. Drove Beloved to the station and discussed some interaction issues. Apparently I'm a wee bit on the underpredictable side so I can't always get the greetings I desire.

Meh, I enjoy sneaking up on her anyway. Keep her on her toes.

It may even be possible that my knack for turning invisible effects everyone. I am the chosen ninja moo-haha.

Thinking about my Puff Titles, if I was ever an Alfarell Noble. One of them would have to be The Accidentally Unseen, as well as The Definitive Gender-Bending Tumblrina. It'd be worth a laugh, at least.

I'm collating the third book in my increasingly long "one little thing to get the bees out of my bonnet" whilst working on the fourth.

Watch out, George R. R. Martin. I'm coming for your word count.

I've done my stretchies, cleaned the catio, cooked and devoured The Bikkie, and convinced the spawn to round up an entire bag of household debris. Each. Maybe I can claim Miracle Worker in those Puff Titles. At least today.

Further on today's plans are:

  • The usual offerings
  • Read a chapter
  • Write at least one paragraph in the summary for Beauties and the Beastly
  • Work on another chapter of A Devil's Tale because Beloved is catching up with me again

And it looks like Tumblr is going to slowly slip into that good night. When there is a good alternative to Tungl, you will find out over here.

News when events warrant.

Let's get on with getting on with things.