Challenge #03281-BONUS007: Editing the First Draft

The creation of the Mycojelly Dogs is patented and sold as a therapy / safety device for Bad Luckers, and to people of Pax Humanis working on controlling episodes of explosive temper. Each "animal" carefully created and programmed for each person's special needs. And the Time is just rolling in by the centuries! -- Anon Guest

TM&TT was a corporation almost fully funded by the CRC. There was a life cycle with the circulating funds, because one of TM&TT's founding principals was to donate all profits to the Cogniscent Rights Comittee. Because no cogniscent ever deserved to be alone.

They made tailored Augments for those who needed them. They also made Mycojelly dogs for the chronic Bad Luckers. Those who could not be near anybody else because they were ground zero for unfortunate events.

Trouble Magnets generally loved the Mycojelly dogs, but now there was a special request.

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