Saturday, Day 0, Fic o' the Week

Plague news:

  • 10 953 new cases.
  • 52 619 total active cases.
  • 327 in hospital.
  • 14 in the ICU.

Vax news:

  • National total vaccines administered: 43 579 655
  • Qld total vaccines administered: 8 440 769
  • Qld day's vaccines: 62 635

Thanks to the info still being in an Excell Spreadsheet, I can no longer tell who's winning the vax rates.

Today's good news is that I have two contenders for Fic o' the Week. One's a collab and definitely written during a stream because it was happening in chat.

What I don't have is people in the Discord voting for it -_-


Progress takes time.

I did not get any dungeon built or any fics tagged because Beloved and I went out. She got her face lazered and I went looking for stuff. And found shiny things.

Which includes a shiny red pulse oximeter that I've been using to get a baseline on my normal oxygen levels since I got it.

I average 95 to 97 percent oxygenation, by the way. So now, when the air feels a little thick or difficult to breathe, I can check my levels or even have advance notice on a Clayton's Asthma Attack. Huzzah.

And if -heaven forfend- I catch the Rona, I can make certain I'm okay and not clog the hospitals with my pallid arse.

In the news:

  • Tennis star may have been mislead by the Australian Government attempting to provide bread and circuses
  • Sir Sidney Poitier has passed on at 94
  • Questions surface about natural immunity and if it's real
  • Some Aussies are trying to get the plague and get it over with
  • US now saying they are "up to date" with their vaccines. Possibly because of the incoming patch notes
  • Take a look at Clive Palmer's fresh rennos on his 32nd mansion
  • 27YO dies of cervical cancer ONE DAY after a doctor dismissed her concerns because "haha girls"
  • You too can manage your plague experience at home. Provided you are under 65, not already suffering from a chronic condition, AND are not pregnant. Guess who has a chronic condition, folks?
  • The newest superfood is... [drumroll] Curry Paste! ::curlytoot noise::
  • Queensland's getting a second hurricane. So that's why my face was hurting this morning
  • Iso causing food shortages
  • Magic Mushrooms now safe to treat mental disorders

I go write fiction soon.