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Exercising again

We went on the first walk for a fortnight, and I was just about wiped out from a walk around the block. I'm gonna regret the sprint session this afternoon.

But at least we have some stew in the slow cooker, so I don't need to fret about food.

Still no rejection letter, just yet. And I have a fluttering underneath my sternum and panic-related asthma. Hooray. Anxiety firkin sucks!

So I took a Seretide this morning to try and live normally, today. Something I haven't done since September.

And I keep on plugging on.

Today's art exercise... I plan to make a very simple GIF by hand with the help of google pictures. See, if you have a chain of pictures, google will turn them into a GIF. I plan on drawing a chain of pictures and hopefully making a nice little loop. Which I might use later in the Sleep Evil Sleep project. If I can figure out how.

That's for this afternoon.

This morning's complication was the fact that Mayhem was feeling itchy and wanted to be checked. I evicted roughly three dozen adult inhabitants before I gave up and shaved his head. Turns out a #3 blade is all one needs to make hair short enough to also make it inhospitable to unwanted life forms.

But I still need to make up some more anti-critter goo because we're out. This time, I'll add some lavender or something so that it smells a bit better than straight tea-tree oil.

...and now I feel itchy.

But I know its all psychosomatic because my hair's not nearly long enough to gain inhabitants in the first place.

You know damn well I'll run a comb through my head anyway. Because paranoia is a lifestyle.

So much for that

We didn't get to exercise, yesterday. I'm going to have to badger Beloved to go for a walk come Monday. No excuses, no BS. We both have to get back on track.

The good news is that I'm still losing weight. Just... a lot slower and a lot more randomly.

The bad news is that I am still asthmatic. I needed to use Max, this morning, for a saline dose. My lungs were a little clogged, and it hurt to breathe in.

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Getting into the swing of it

It's taken us a few weeks, but we're getting there. Even with the recent gastric distress, there's a rhythm to things.

Get up, ablute, take my weight - I'm still below 80 kilos despite bouncing back from the bug. Rouse the kids, get dressed, chase my little darlings into getting ready for the day. Chaos packs a three course meal, Mayhem packs a boiled egg or two. Make sure they're both groomed, and then try and get Beloved going for the day.

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I messed up my sleep cycle again, which means I can't really tell if I'm still sick or not. One of my wake-up routines is a whole bunch of sneezing.

I made the mistake of trying to sleep at 3AM, so I'm tired as hell. With all good luck, I shouldn't need a coffee, but if I do, we now have xylitol. An all-natural sweetener that tastes like sugar but doesn't set off the insulin responses. And I managed to grab the

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House of Pestillence

We have a tummy bug in the house. Beloved copped it the worst, and the shaking finger of suspicion points solidly at the bacon we had in our dinner on Thursday night. They have been able to eat real food on Friday, but only for dinner.

It's nasty, whatever this is. I don't think it's entirely the bacon's fault. It could well be a contributing factor in lowering body reserves etc. etc.

I've crashed hard enough to catch chicken pox three more

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A good start. Almost.

Everyone is organised, lunchboxes are packed, everyone is clean and dressed and ready. I even have time to sit down and write this blog. Before 7AM.

We just forgot to go on our walk, today.

If we still have time by the time I've finished my salty broth, I may poke my love to go walking. The plan B is park the car far away from Chaos' new school and get our walking in that way.

But the fact that I have

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Falling behind

I haven't scheduled my Blasts From the Past over on my Steemit account for a while. I need to do a whole bunch and then try to keep up with it.

The problem is, I'm feeling tired. Exercise is kicking my butt again, and I think I am just now getting some kind of rhinovirus. I know how to beat those. Chicken soup and lots of ginger.

And possibly taking it easy for a while.

I need me some pick-me-ups and comfort

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It's Lurgi

It seems like everything hit me at once, and my semi-annual lung trouble decided that this was a fine time to team up with Keto Flu and whatever was going around and make beautiful mucous together.

Translated: I have a bacterial infection in my bronchii.

So I've made an appointment to see a doctor today about getting some antibiotics to make that fuck off. Meanwhile, Beloved and I are making plans to get all the calories we need because our current stomach

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Waiting for equilibrium

The diet's going fine, before you get worried. Going out and eating at the same time is a pain in the arse because there's carbs freaking everywhere. Every single take-out deal has chips and if they don't have chips, then it's noodles or rice.

Carbs, carbs, everywhere, and hardly a scrap to eat.

Beloved recorded an audio of themself trying to get deconstructed burgers for the family, this Friday gone. They had to explain 'no buns' four times. They just didn't understand.

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How I eat cake and lose weight too

It's not easy and it's not fun, but oh, how the cake is worth it.

I'm currently using a diet app called Easy Diet Diary to keep track of how much I eat, and how many kilojoules I consume. My goal for safe dieting, according to the app, is eight thousand kilojoules.

On an average day, I make it up to around eighty percent of that noise. One slice of cake is roughly a third of my allotted kilojoules.

Therefore, the rest

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Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I have kids to deliver to grandparents on Saturday. Tech support and guests coming up on Sunday. The house is entirely skew-wiff. And I only have so many spoons with which to make improvements.

Beloved is seeing a dietician today, which will likely mean that 1000000000% of the food they love and the food we have is instantly unsuitable and must be taken far, far away and burned for the good of humanity.

And it will also mean that

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New regime

Beloved's been undergoing a run of tests, lately, to discover the root behind an accelerated heart rate. And the answer, dear readers, is diabetes plus cholesterol.

Since I'm still undergoing my own battery of tests, in regards to that same vital muscle, we both figured it'd be great if we got into some healthier habits. Which means breakfast for both of us, morning walks together, and mutual self-maintenance schedules.

The tricky things to do are way less tricky when there's company. It's

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New and interesting ways of fucking up

I usually try to never make the same mistake twice. That often leads to the title of this blog entry.

I just got over a major depressive bout (I'm still in the fragile stages FYI) and discovered that my breathing problems might just be because I'm actually having lung trouble rather than emotional issues.

It's a process of elimination, folks.

Experiencing breathing difficulty:

  • Is it a rhinovirus? Nope. Got over that.
  • Is it depression? Nope. Got over that (mostly).
  • Is it my
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What a wonderful day for my messed-up mind

Yesterday, I was having a sort-of ok day. As in, I didn't feel completely atrocious and that was a step forward. One... giant leap, if you will.

BUT I also noticed that my asthma meds were playing me up and I really should talk to the Quack because I should not be oscillating so frequently between tremula and lack of air.

According to my nails, I'm getting plenty of oxygen. According to my sensation of breathing, I'm struggling to get air.


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Deeeeeeep breaths...

I have an old slanguage term from my childhood days of shaking off disease. It's 'dishraggy'. As in, feeling like a limp, slightly greasy, overdue for a wash, dishrag.

It's a very floppy feeling. The effort to raise an arm is barely worth it. The greasiness resides in the soul, and can't be washed out with all the hot bubblebaths in the world.

So, in short, I am feeling 'better'. For limited definitions of 'better. I'm more mentally prepared to be functional,

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