Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I have kids to deliver to grandparents on Saturday. Tech support and guests coming up on Sunday. The house is entirely skew-wiff. And I only have so many spoons with which to make improvements.

Beloved is seeing a dietician today, which will likely mean that 1000000000% of the food they love and the food we have is instantly unsuitable and must be taken far, far away and burned for the good of humanity.

And it will also mean that everything that's hyper-expensive and has to be ordered live from Tanegashima is the stuff that's best for them.

I know. I know. I'm exaggerating. But it sure as hell feels that way when ten billion cheap-and-easy items have sugar or simple starches in them, and stuff that's ideal for diabetics might as well come from the moon and be made of solid diamonds.

And I have criminally low energy levels at the best of times. I am automatically a bad spouse. Shame on me, not taking better care of my Beloved.

Ugh. I wish the 'diabetic diet' would be the hot new fad instead of this gluten-free nonse. Then there'd be half a chance of cheap-and-easy stuff for my Beloved being everywhere.

We had grilled salmon and red1 yams with beans, last night. And to be horribly honest, I have no idea if I can keep that nonse up. My usual cooking energy is at the level of 'throw things in the slow cooker and harvest it at dinnertime'. Chopping, slicing, preparing, and otherwise making things from scratch might yet drain me entirely.

I'm feeling pretty drained right now. And all I'm doing is getting back into good habits, and dragging my Beloved along with me. Beloved has amazing inertia in the morning and getting them going has been most of my spoons, today.

I need coffee.

  1. Like all allegedly red, cookable food items, they're purple.