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Disorganised today...

...datorganised tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow never comes because it's today when it gets here.

I have PLNs to make some wholemeal loaves, starting tomorrow. I shall be gifting one to Chaos' teacher. What happens to the other one all depends on who puts their hands up for a loaf first.

I've asked MeMum. Next, I shall ask Capt. S. After that, Chaos' bus lady gets her chop. If all refuse, I might offer to neighbours, IDK. Or I might enjoy some toast with personality every morning. Who can tell?

Not me. Not now. Not for sure.

Today's PLN involves only my Instant and 100 words in my novel. I've been consistently approaching or passing 200 every sweep, so next week will have the goal of 200 words per diem, Monday to Friday.

Bit by bit, I shall get back to my former goal of 3K per week. My brain is still healing. I'm easing back into my normal workload. No pressure.

If I fall short during the easing process, I fall short. It's no big deal.

If I repeatedly fall short, I extend the easing. This is my healing process and I need to monitor myself for mental aches and pains.

For now, though, 'tis almost bus o'clock. I shall chance the slings and arrows of novel writing whilst waiting for a bus to arrive.

Challenge #01462-D001: The Curse of Vows

Rest in Peace. Now get up. And go to war. -- RecklessPrudence

Falstaff the Paladin breathed in with great difficulty. "Would it kill you," he croaked, "to at least let me rest for a day or two before the resurrection spell?"

The appropriately-named Faith concentrated on her healing mantras for a moment. "The longer you're dead, the worse things get for you. Do you remember the Brain Damage Incident? I remember the Brain Damage Incident. And let's not talk about the intestine

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