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Thursday, Catch-up or Slouchtime?

I have all the foodstuff I need. I didn't write any articles for Alfarell yesterday because making badges with Beloved. Today, she's going to work and I am left alone with my imaginings.

Unless Mayhem wants to talk about stuff and things.

I might focus on finishing my Elf stuff. I might not focus at all. I might stumble into playing Factorio all day. Time will tell.

I am having a lot of fun with A Devil's Tale though, so I might dive wholesale into that.

Today is the day for doing as I whist. And not feeling guilty about any of it.

I am a good bean. I have earned my slouchtime. I do not owe any content to anyone if I am burned out in the process of creating it.

However, the Instant Stories are fun so you shall always have those.

Challenge #03288-BONUS014: Break-Downtime

The ship was adrift and would be that way for several more hours. They'd not expected the solar flare to be that intense, and their ship's engine was still unconscious, despite the work trying to restore it. The onboard AI, too, was badly frazzled. Thank goodness for the shielding that had kept the ship from being fried, but that was WAY too close.

To calm frayed nerves, and to cheer up those who were getting upset at the fact they were going

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