Thursday, Catch-up or Slouchtime?

I have all the foodstuff I need. I didn't write any articles for Alfarell yesterday because making badges with Beloved. Today, she's going to work and I am left alone with my imaginings.

Unless Mayhem wants to talk about stuff and things.

I might focus on finishing my Elf stuff. I might not focus at all. I might stumble into playing Factorio all day. Time will tell.

I am having a lot of fun with A Devil's Tale though, so I might dive wholesale into that.

Today is the day for doing as I whist. And not feeling guilty about any of it.

I am a good bean. I have earned my slouchtime. I do not owe any content to anyone if I am burned out in the process of creating it.

However, the Instant Stories are fun so you shall always have those.