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Challenge #03526-I238: Unexpected Smooch Error

Their family had been saved by Amatu, Wraithvine, Vee, Pondermore, and the rest of their group, after the group having helped quickly use their magics and sheer strength to stop rising flood waters swamping the farm. The daughter of the family, age 18, kissed Amatu's cheek in both affection and thanks. -- Anon Guest

Amatu had faced a lot of reactions to his appearance and nature during his adventures. He had almost been run out of towns more than once. People tended to notice either the horns or the wings, never both at once. He had never, in his life, been kissed in thanks.

She was what the greater world called a Halfbred. The actual familial integrations were a little more complicated than mere halves. Her mother was half Deep Elf and half Arch Elf. Her father was a far more ordinary human. The result was... visually impactful. Grey-toned skin that was iridescent in the sun, and bright magenta hair that moved according to her mood. Yllayra was happy, so her curls bounced whenever she did not.

Amatu, freshly kissed and still having the stuffing squeezed out of him, turned bright red from top to toe. He lost all power of speech, and his runic halo caught on spectral fire. His wings flared out and fluffed up, and his spaded tail lifted to heights he had never before known possible.

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Challenge #03288-BONUS014: Break-Downtime

The ship was adrift and would be that way for several more hours. They'd not expected the solar flare to be that intense, and their ship's engine was still unconscious, despite the work trying to restore it. The onboard AI, too, was badly frazzled. Thank goodness for the shielding that had kept the ship from being fried, but that was WAY too close.

To calm frayed nerves, and to cheer up those who were getting upset at the fact they were going

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