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Challenge #04005-J353: Time For Nothing

It's rare I get days like these. It's quiet, there's no emergencies, no one needs my assistance at the moment. I rather am enjoying the relaxation. -- Anon Guest

He had gone through his routines. His morning Kata, feeding the cats, feeding the Dire Goats and then milking them, and then setting most of the milk into the vats with rennet. A few pints went into the sterile bottles and then into the cold box for later. He'd breakfasted and flirted with Delia before he noticed.

Nobody had come to interrupt his business of the day.

Nobody had demanded instructions, a ruling on the wording of a law, no potential students had arrived in expectation of learning from his Dojo. A Dojo that he had finally handed off to someone younger and more agile. From this day forth, he was just another creaky old devilborn enjoying his sunset years.

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Challenge #03793-J140: Power Versus Freedom

"The gods gave you the power to be able to topple whole empires and this is what you do with it??"

"Yes, I told you before. I just wanted a quiet life on the farm. I'm finally free, and, at last, I am happy." -- Anon Guest

Mythologising people is always a mistake. People keep finding proof of the reality. It's even worse when that mythologised person was still alive.

The Thrice-Sworn King had stopped short of becoming an emperor. He had

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