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Slow recovery and horrible green things

I'm pretty sure my virus is done. Hooray. I'm still coughing up things ranging from chartreuse to pea-green, including a random few bronchial casts1. And first thing in the morning, some of my ejecta is so dark that it could double as scabs.

Hooray for night-time drying effects? I guess?

And for those of you who are watching my weight with concern, I actually wobbled upwards by 0.1 of a kilo and am holding steady in the 84 kilo range. And I have graphs to back up the fact that I am not, in fact, killing myself with this "new fad diet" 9_9 [actually, it's a case of everything old being new again]

[Shown here: A graph of my weight gains and losses with a vertical, dividing line at a peak marked 88.8 kilos. There is also a bolder trend line over the paler, zig-zagging, actual weight]

That vertical line in the image above shows the day I started on Keto. As you can see, I have valleys and peaks on the actual weight line, and a general slope downwards with the odd plateau on the trend line. That steep cliff right at the end? That's largely due to me not eating because Lurgi.

I expect a clamber upwards for a little while and then resume the general downwards trend as things even out. As with all dieters, I share my successes, even when they're a statistical blip.

And before you ask, the dotted blue line with the star on it is the goal I set for myself when I weighed a hundred kilos, back in 2013. I haven't updated it yet to the new Ideal BMI weight2 of 70 kilos, because I figure it's achievable on this new diet, but I will be happy at whatever equilibrium I reach, come late November of 2018.

But onto more annoying news: Your GP is not allowed to tell you that Keto works, that Keto can help with just about everything (except those pesky bacterial infections, it seems) that a high-carb diet can engender. Your GP has to tow the high-carb, low-fat line or they lose their medical license, they get smeared all over the news, and otherwise made a pariah.

I'm sure billions of dollars from the Monsan-toe-rags and the agricultural associations come into this somewhere. They're making a killing out of this. Financially and literally.

I'm waiting for the day that GP's all over the place pull a Bob Parr and exaggeratedly tell their patients that they just can't advise that they try the Ketogenic diet, with full information for free at the following url... and so forth. And finish by loudly insisting that they keep up with the party line. That would be great.

But that won't happen, belike. Money talks louder than mountains of solid, scientific, documented evidence, so... we just have to put up with things until things finally turn around.

And speaking of turning things around... I have a quack's appointment in a couple of hours, so I'd better wriggle on with my fiction.

  1. grossness warning before you go googling those. They are actual moulds made inside the bronchii with a mixture of existing mucous and excess calcium. And I am possibly the only person on the planet who thinks these things are cool.

  2. Yes. I refer to the BMI as the Bullshit Medical Indicator. And it is bullshit. But it's bullshit that the medical profession is legally obligated to work with, so I'm going to continue Keto until I can prove that everything they know is wrong.

What another fine day for politics...

...ze said whilst oozing sarcasm until hir audience drowned in it.

There's an old law that the POTUS can't have any kind of business earnings whilst also in power, lest conflict of interest rear its ugly head and corruption eat the government alive. And since the Muppet has shown no signs of surrendering his holdings to anyone else, it looks like the grand old new rule of "It's okay if Republicans are doing it" seems to be coming to the fore.


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Hello, Inertia. Can I kick your arse?

Yesterday, my Beloved begged off of the daily walk because of a light rain. I could understand because they have cloth-sided walking shoes. Even the best of athletic shoes are water permeable and not proof against the slings and arrows of early morning dew.

Or a good, soaking rain.

It's why I wear my boots when the ground is moist.

Today, however, Beloved's diabetes pills are kicking their arse and they're not feeling so very well at all, this morning.

At first,

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I wrote a cursed book

Well, that's the half-joke. During most of 2014, I was working on a novel entitled Kung Fu Zombies, which threw a lampshade on every zombie trope and every kung fu trope I could make fit. And possibly a bunch of American survivalist tropes as well.

For all the fun I had writing the bloody thing - my life went sideways in a big way. Disasters big and small plagued my life. Culminating in the death of my father barely a week before

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Wiki Walks and how they fuel me

For those who've never been on one, a Wiki Walk is where you look up one topic [for example, on wikipedia] and follow interesting areas down a rabbit-hole. Only to emerge somewhere around Real Ghost Stories or Cryptids Near Me wondering how the hell you got there from where you started.

Today's Wiki walk started with Extra Credit - which covers a lot of interesting things, including various languages you can tell a story to an audience in, and I'm not talking

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Ekka Monday! Yay

Welcome, one and all, to the most frelled-up school week in Queensland. Because of the Royal National Agricultural exhibition, everyone has Wednesday off, and various school children in various districts get an extra day of the week off of school.

If that extra day happens on a Monday, then you get an awful lot of sickies being thrown on the following Tuesday. Or, as we like to call it, "the super long weekend". Similar things happen to the Thursday if the day

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Fun was had

We had a good handful of hours out. The entire family commenced their Pokejourney and, thanks to some lures set out by the businesspeople of Chermside, the little darlings and I leveled up a snootch.

The kids got more leveling done because my game crashed 90% of the time. My fickle fingers worked their anti-magic once more and I spent most of my time attempting to load pokemon go.

But I still made it to level 8, so suck it.

There's an

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Good morning

Once again, my fucked-up sleep cycle strikes in the wee small hours. I plan to use it to my advantage, though. You all get your instant story ahead of time, and I get a day of luxurious loafing.

The only downside for me is that I'll have to update my master files when I finally exit my bedroom. Yay for laptops, boo for non-cloud files.

Pretty sure the Google editor does rich text and not plain text. That could plausibly fuck up

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Secondary skills

In the words of Odo when Quark questioned his interest in funerary rituals, "Everybody needs a hobby." It didn't come in to the Hevun's Child trilogy, because almost everyone I was writing about literally did not have the time to kick back, relax, and faff around.

I glimpsed at it in The Amity Incident but by and large, the entire human colony were a bunch of nerd whose primary focus was their better future. The luxury of messing about with things to

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I feel... not yet fantastic

Throwing off lurgi is easier with ginger and rest. It's day three of feeling awful, and I'm almost back up to my base levels.

At least I have an appetite, now.

Which means that I can go ahead with booking the flu jabs for the family. Which means the dreaded phone call because the health app won't let you do multiple bookings.

On the downside, there is something wrong with the rig I had thought was recharging my laptop and investigation needs

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::Zombie noises::

I've had the second shitty night in a row and that sort of thing is never good for me. My spoons are at a minimum. My entire day is going to be "Can't be arsed, gotta do it anyway" with a side order of slow, uncomfortable moaning.

Good thing Steam Powered Giraffe is there to help my limited powers of concentration and at least keep me in the same plane of reality.

Also good thing - Beloved has taken a shine to

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Zip ties and superglue solve lots of problems

...but not the one where I have to spend a lot of money to keep breathing.

Beloved and I restocked my medication stores, yesterday. It was quite the shopping list:

  • Ventolin nebules
  • Atrovent nebules
  • Magnesium tablets
  • Olive leaf extract tablets [I refuse to take the liquid, it is gut-wrenchingly gross]
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotics
  • Cough syrup of the expectorant variety
  • Herbal anti-anxiety stuff

And a few items of sundry miscellany that were neither here or there. Now... how much would you expect to

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What would I miss most by turning Vegan?

Short answer: Chewing, because the only vegan food is Soylent(possibly).

Long answer:

Veganism is the lifestyle choice of eschewing food items that could possibly harm an animal. On the surface, that seems nice and friendly to our fur-bearing friends [and scale-bearing, and skin-bearing, and chitin-bearing etc] until you actually think about it.

There’s not a plant on our current menu that doesn’t exploit an animal.

Of the foods that don’t use bees to procreate, there&

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Shoutout to all those people who click the $0 option in “Pay What You Want” items. You have NO idea what goes into doing the...

Shoutout to all those people who click the $0 option in “Pay What You Want” items.

You have NO idea what goes into doing the thing.

[Or you’re completely broke, in which case, I forgive you]

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Star Trek: Into Darkness - One Dork's Opinion

Massive spoilers for the movie under the cut.

Mr Abrams… You’re directing the thing that caused thousands of nerds like myself to study things like physics and sundry other sciences in order to help make the reality that got us hooked. You should therefore NOT FUCK UP PHYSICS, YOU FUCK!

Shit, man.

Seriously. The half-a-planet looked awesomely cool and all, but that was a still shot from a damned incipient planetary disaster. That half-moon in contact with the main

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