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Challenge #02759-G202: Empirically Tested

I would love to see Mythbusters in Space! You know, where some humans have seen the original old videos of it and decides to do a new mythbuster series based for their era? It'd be cool! -- DaniAndShali

[AN: In light of recent losses, I have debated having a Human Grant in this one and... honestly... I didn't want to risk disrespect to his memory]

"We all know how Human drama has historically portrayed asteroid fields," said Human Steve at a planning table. Ze, and hir co-host, were helpfully labelled for newcomers.

"Lies," said Human Bob, and gestured to a screen displaying a ship dodging space rocks left, right, and centre. An ancient audio clip played a sound-bite that said, "It's only a model," as if the watching audience couldn't tell.

"Visually appealing lies because we went into several asteroid fields and this was what we saw," Steve gestured to a display that held lots of black, some stars, and a few visual augmentations pointing out actual asteroids and the distances they were from the viewer.

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Challenge #01426-C331: But Why Not?

This shopping list.

You can have four. -- RecklessPrudence

"Aw come on..."

"None of that 'come on', love. This is beyond a bad idea."

"But how can I do my YouTube special Mythbuster Busters?"

Claire glared at Kevin. "You. Don't."

"Aaaaawwwww.... come ooooonnnnnn... I could be internet famous..."

"You could be hospitalised."

"That's the best way to get internet famous."

Claire glared him down. "Find another way. You have other talents that can get you there without hurting yourself. Come up with

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Dear Mythbusters...

Everybody knows what happens when you hang or display a sign that reads “WET PAINT”. Everybody and their kid brother’s dog has to go and poke whatever it is to see if the paint is dry.

My question is: How far can you take it?

What would happen if the “WET PAINT” sign is displayed in other areas Like:

1) On a statue
2) On a window (sans frame)
3) On a (fake) famous work of

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