Dear Mythbusters...

Everybody knows what happens when you hang or display a sign that reads “WET PAINT”. Everybody and their kid brother’s dog has to go and poke whatever it is to see if the paint is dry.

My question is: How far can you take it?

What would happen if the “WET PAINT” sign is displayed in other areas Like:

1) On a statue
2) On a window (sans frame)
3) On a (fake) famous work of art
4) On a ceiling or other high place out of normal reach
5) So that it’s readable in a mirror on the opposite wall
6) On a duck/dog or other animal
7) On grass
8) On a window (also sans frame) made out of sugar glass [shatters on impact, lol]
9) On a (fake) famous work of art that is also made out of sugar glass

I would love to see the results of this social experiment.