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Challenge #01426-C331: But Why Not?

This shopping list.

You can have four. -- RecklessPrudence

"Aw come on..."

"None of that 'come on', love. This is beyond a bad idea."

"But how can I do my YouTube special Mythbuster Busters?"

Claire glared at Kevin. "You. Don't."

"Aaaaawwwww.... come ooooonnnnnn... I could be internet famous..."

"You could be hospitalised."

"That's the best way to get internet famous."

Claire glared him down. "Find another way. You have other talents that can get you there without hurting yourself. Come up with something creative. You can do that easily."

"How about two treadmills?"


"A treadmill and a bicycle?"

"Use what we have, love. And that's final."

Kevin grumped and peeved in her trail. "I still get the four candles, right?"

Sigh. "Yeah. You can have the four candles."

The way Kevin fist-pumped and whispered, "Yes!" victoriously gave Claire cold shivers.

"And don't set anything on fire."

"Aw, come ooooooonnnnn..."

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Why Matter Master David Doesn’t Wear Fedoras In Walter Manor

Reason #11:

Steve Negrette’s dragon-locs

[prompt given by internutter]

Dear Diary,

Today, finally, we got a hang-out day. That’s a day where nothing is immediately scheduled out of the ordinary. We finished cleaning all of the labs out yesterday and the previous day, so that’s all done, so Steve is a little miffed he came over for no reason, so instead, he wished to putz around. I

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