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Tuesday, Day 0, Learnding!

I've taken some baby steps on Clip Studio Pro, this morning. Yay. Now my vid-making "studio"1 has a new logo. Reveal under the spoiler-cut for those who are catching up. Lol.

Four new cases today, all of them imported. Seventy-five total, seventy-one are in hospital and two of those are in the ICU. Four have the potential to start the local transmissions again.

Queensland is once again counting the days without local transmission. Yay. That's an experience I won't miss when this plague has become history. I don't think we'll ever get back to normal as we knew it. Tuberculosis stopped people sneezing, coughing, and spitting everywhere [with the same protests you see about masks today]. Cholera made sewerage systems a must. Maybe - just maybe - this plague will get the whole world wearing a mask when they're feeling a bit off.

Sanitary protocols STILL don't make people wash their firkin hands after using the bog, GDI, so I might be overly optimistic here.

Anyway! New starter cards reveal:

[Shown here: A black card with two words written on it. "Madwoman" in white, shaky text, and "Studios" in red, cursive-type text]

Then, because I keep getting copystruck:

[Shown here: A black card with white text which reads, "The following video is a transformative work and therefore protected by Fair Use. The creator of this work is making zero money out of this as it is both a labor of love and dedicated to a free and fair internet. "I deliberately chose to never monetise and I refuse to give megacorps more than they take anyway "If there was literally any other place I could post my videos for free, I would be there right now. Thank you for not flagging this video."]

Tomorrow, I take Miss Chaos and all her paperwork to get her tax file number, and thereby begin her journey to being an independent entity under the law. Yaaaaayyy...

And on Thursday I wear pink I might experiment with editing a PSD in CSP. Woot.

The news I got so far:

  • Investigations into the Muppet's fraud empire finances continueth
  • A new plague strain has dropped! YAY. It's been identified in Brazil, so expect a new rushing wave of racism against not-white-people
  • Teenage girls are exposing rape culture
  • 27YO mum dies of cervical cancer following doctor's diagnosis of "early menopause". Way to highlight sexism in the medical industry, my dude
  • Officials say 'no' to ANZAC day holiday. I predict a mad wave of "flulike symptoms" on the day of
  • Police catch hoons in a Bunnings parking lot
  • Now that vaccines are out, USA residents are behaving as if they've already had the jab, so there'll be more infections
  • A mother's been paralysed by the plague
  • One "zombie" is real
  • A dude's been turning his quarantine hotel room into a cardboard western set. More power to him
  • Increasingly desperate efforts to prop up the tourism industry continue

Let's get on with the Patreon stuff before I go work on newer fiction.

  1. Translated - me and whatever computing powers I possess at the time.

I'm learning things!

So whilst we were out adventuring and picking up hints and tips to the care and handling of washes, and also some clues on how to dotpaint.

Which resulted in: a kit of washes with a wash brush, a fine point brush, a big-ass box to store all this shit in, and a little pot holder to hold up to three pots of paint whilst I work.

After we were done with all that noise, we tripped over one of those hot-spots

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Would'a Should'a Could'a

I could'a shown more sympathy for the families and survivors of the latest nastiness in New Zealand. I could'a written a thing about this mad state of affairs and done my take on it... but...

Sir Terry Pratchett (GNU) said it all so much better in a footnote:

Every society needs a cry like [”Remember Koom Valley“], but only in a very few do they come out with the complete, unvarnished version, which is ‘Remember-the-atrocity-committed-against-us-last-time-that-will-excuse-the-atrocity-that-we’re-about-to-commit-today! And so on! Hurrah!’ — Thief of

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So I fucked up. Again

I'm busy trying to be rational towards my anxiety, and it's not exactly working. I've made mistakes with my narrative choices before. It should be no big deal.


Except I've done this twice in the space of one month and I'm normally more careful about this kind of thing and, like the impending speeding ticket in the red tape stage of landing on me, I'm afraid this will somehow wreck my life plans.

Screwing up stories by saying things sideways or

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My little darlings have two weeks off from school and I am already suffering from the effects. Not horrendously, just battling the inevitable tides of inconvenience like King Canute.

Did you know that malls don't unlock their doors at 6AM? Thus making certain that the convenience of ATM's is therefore inconvenient because you can't get in to get your money?

I didn't.

So instead of doing a money run when I get up and therefore can't forget it, I have to watch

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Educational Moment

I like learning new things. And since I'm turning forty-five this year, that means that I'm well beyond Douglas Adams' statement that anything invented after I'm thirty-five is strange and scary. I'm one of those annoying people who act like a new thing should have always been like that.

Just ask Beloved. I'm always unimpressed by their programming of a new thing. No "yes, this is just what I wanted." It's all "why didn't they do this earlier?" Much frustrate. Very wearing.

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I've learned some things

In my forays towards having my own business, I've learned a few things. And in my forays towards actually losing some weight again, I've learned a few other things.

First: The exercise part of the activity app on the Apple iWatch is a piece of ableist shit.

Why? Well because it only counts exercise as something above a brisk walk. This automatically excludes the elderly and the chronically ill. Thanks a bunch, guys. I'm now resigned to having that green circle in

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Why Inkitt is so Firkin Great

Some of you who are still paying attention to my tumblr will be aware that I have a few stories up for offer at their contest, Reinvent Reality

Really sharp-eyed readers will know I'm currently at number 14 in the top 20.

Which is pretty firkin amazing for a story I put up only a few days ago.

Heck, it's damned amazing considering that I wrote this story, longhand, whilst I was waiting for the postie to turn up with my copy

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Flashy things! This is a nifty little disco lamp [not so little, actually, it’s about the size of a cat] available at the dollar shops...

Flashy things!

This is a nifty little disco lamp [not so little, actually, it’s about the size of a cat] available at the dollar shops for less than $30.

It took me a while to find a screwdriver long enough to take it apart, and then even longer to find the tiny little screws at the handle.

After weeks of procrastination, I was able to get the dimmer switch off. Tweezers got under the switch cover and the pliers got

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