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Genetic Engineering

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Challenge #01865-E041: Made to Order

does genetic engineering and other physical and mental enhancements exist in the amalgam universe? and what would humans use them for? -- Anon Guest

[AN: The short answer is: Anything they find acceptable. The long answer is... this]

The concept of the perfect being exists in every culture. On every world, there has been at least one brilliant mind who honestly believed that they could better their own kind through assorted means. Ethnic cleansing, or genocide as it is more commonly known. Selective sterilisation, which is just genocide slowed down to the breeding rate of the undesirable population. Selective breeding, which never really works in the long run. All things considered, genetic manipulation is a relatively modern fad.

There are worlds founded on the premise of finding the perfect genome. Most of them don't survive to re-integrate with Galactic Society. Some make it, barely, with their genome crippled to the point where the children are essentially clones of their parents. Only one had been exiled for what they were doing, and were smart enough to be pragmatic about their definition of 'perfect'. This is Vardia. One had gone with the broadest definitions of 'perfect' and ended up with a completely bioengineered population. This is B'Nar.

Both core worlds were named after their creators. One became an empire. One became an industry titan with some scary definitions to the bracket term 'humanity'. The only difference is that Vardia stopped their genetic tinkering with the human genome centuries prior, excepting in clear-cut emergency cases. The B'Nari never stopped looking for ways to improve. Nor expanding what 'improvement' means.

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