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Challenge #03880-J228: Fluff and Nonsense

They were Deathworlders, but they needed a much stronger Deathworlder around to help with the missions. Their thick fur, almost like the wool of Terran sheep, was shedding, it was that time of year. The human respectfully asked to have the discards, much to their confusion. Until the human explained about turning that shedding fur into crafts. It eventually became quite an interesting thing for them, and a bit of a profit, too. -- Anon Guest

Deathworlders, like Havenworlders, come in a surprising array of diversity. You get huge hefty Havenworlders, and you get tiny, frail-looking Deathworlders. Lech was more of what most people call the standard model. Huge, though most of hir bulk was hir winter fur. It came in handy for resisting a lot of things that a Human might fall prey to.

Alas, fur has its down-sides. Like the gigantic bags that Lech was grumbling about taking to the shipboard recycler.

"What'cha got there?" asked Human Nils. He almost appropriated a bag to look for himself.

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Challenge #02906-G349: Warmed in the Weave

The human was both engineer and bodyguard aboard a ship of havenworlders. In their down time, they enjoyed both knitting and crocheting. They had an old blanket that they'd kept from when they were a child and, when things went bad, it comforted them after the event had passed and the enemies were defeated. A way to calm themselves. Having an idea, they began to make small, soft, blankets, one for each of their havenworlder crewmates. After all, why should they be

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Challenge #01986-E162: Inner Beautification

Yarn Bombing. Putting hand made yarn stuff in public places. Once done to stop authorities from removing much needed bus stop/shelter. Weird but true. Put your own spin on this. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I could not find any instance of yarn bombing as an avenue of protest. It's mostly a wasteful form of gentrified graffiti.]

As a child of the depression, Cynthia hated waste. She never got more than she needed in the first place, and did her utmost to

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Challenge #01349-C254: Ten Good Reasons Why You're Wrong

"Oh my god!"


"You're a nineteen year old boy!"

"Yeah, so?"

"So stop puttering around with your knitting like a senile old woman!" -- OohLookShiny

Andrew took a deep breath in. Slowly let it out. "There are things you need to learn, mister complete stranger who decided to butt into my life. One: this is crochet. Two: I'm making blankets for homeless or abandoned kids in shelters. Three: this is an exercise to help me gain back some fine motor control

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