Challenge #04126-K108: You Want to What?

Nils asks about buying more shed fur, at a rate higher than what the recycler was paying. In return, the show the knitted and crocheted handicrafts he had been working on after plying and dying the long fur and turning it into yarns and threads. They even offered to split the proceeds of selling these crafts with their friend 50 / 50. -- Anon Guest

"Baby clothing," repeated Lech.

"And non-allergenic accessories," clarified Nils, "and some furnishing options. Your fur is amazingly soft, and absolutely nobody's allergic to any bits of fluff. Heck, your fibrous structure repels micro-mites. It's practically perfect. How much is the molecular recycler giving you?"

"Not much, honestly. Minutes. But Minutes are better than seconds, and seconds are better than nothing."

"How would you like half an hour per pound[1]?" Nils offered. "I know it's a seasonal thing, and availability's limited, but you and your family could have a real business going with your seasonal fluff. Check this sample."

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