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Challenge #02956-H033: And That's When I Snapped

A: "How often are you supposed to sharpen knives? Because you're always sharpening a knife when I come into the kitchen..."

B: "But...they have chips in them?"

C: "Is B sharpening knives? Good!"

A: "Every DAY??"

B: "They're cheap. They keep chipping when they get used..."

C: "I USE them every day!" -- Anon Guest

Many things are not common knowledge. This is why so many "retirement restaurants" fail inside the first year. The idea has merit, and it seems easy, but the reality is very far from the veneer. Every cost-saving measure, for instance, ends up costing more money in the longer term.

Cheap furniture, for instance, may stand up to years of domestic use, but put them in an arena where even dozens at a time are using them and they fall apart in less than a month. This reality comes with a side of a hefty lawsuit if a customer injures themselves in the process. Cheap ingredients come with the caveat of food poisoning because the most common way of cutting costs is not taking all the food hygiene precautions. Then there's cheap utensils.

It's a mayfly dive in an obscure corner. Restaurants with similar goals of feeding people on the cheap and making astronomical profits have turned up there like summer daisies and, much like the flower itself, faded away before a season was gone. Each mayfly eatery has had a bungee manager who dipped in, left some orders, and dipped out, never to be seen again. It is a place one works in order to plump out the resume, because in the space of working the same job in one year, you can be working for at least four different managers under four different restaurant names.

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Challenge #01982-E158: Sufficient Motivation

“You can still save the world.”

“I could,” grinned the human, “if I wanted to.” Behind them, the Capital burned.

“But you won’t.” My voice was more hoarse than I’d ever heard it, and I could taste the bitterness of my own blood running down my cheek.

The human’s “shrug” was silhouetted by the flames.

“Convince me.” -- Anon Guest

What motivated a human? Greed? No. This human was already profiting from the current course of events. Events that

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Challenge #01968-E144: Bullish Behaviour

Can you please write more on Challenge #01911-E087: Uptick in Downsizing? It was probably one of the best pieces of fiction I have read in forever. I don't really know your policy regarding this kind of stuff (I may have just stumbled on this site a few hours ago and have been bingeing your writing) so I really hope I'm putting this in the right place... Either way, cheers and keep up the amazing work! -- ASingleSpeck

[AN: I welcome

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The Executive/Corporate Checklist

This information is pulled strictly out of my arse. By and large, it is not meant to be representative of the corporate atmosphere and is evidently extrapolated from what one statistical outlier[ie, not a White, Anglo-Saxon Male aged 18-35] can observe in her few encounters with the business world.

Executive Corporate Checklist [According to Me] to Making a New Image

[1] Phone billions of households when they are the most inconvenienced and tie the poor bastard who answered the phone up

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