Challenge #01982-E158: Sufficient Motivation

“You can still save the world.”

“I could,” grinned the human, “if I wanted to.” Behind them, the Capital burned.

“But you won’t.” My voice was more hoarse than I’d ever heard it, and I could taste the bitterness of my own blood running down my cheek.

The human’s “shrug” was silhouetted by the flames.

“Convince me.” -- Anon Guest

What motivated a human? Greed? No. This human was already profiting from the current course of events. Events that were literally destroying everything I had known for my entire life. This world could still make it... if the human wanted to make that happen.

Sex? Gross. No. Never. Besides, the plumbing wouldn't allow their bodies to mesh. Excitement? What could possibly excite a human more than the rampant destruction currently underway?

What mattered to a human more than any of that? I wracked my brains. Going through everything I could remember about their species. And then... a moment of pure genius and inspired desperation.

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