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Challenge #03934-J282: You're Allergic to WHAT?

The Havenworlders meet a human who's actually allergic to chocolate. Quite the rarity. -- Anon Guest

There's an allergy for everything. Even amongst those raised on the same planet as the thing. One might easily believe that this is not a great survival tactic. Especially when the thing is really, really popular.

It can lead to some interesting times.

Solo Ships' Humans encounter no problems when it comes to curating their environment. They frequently have isolated kitchens in order to keep their heinous Deathworlder food chemistry away from their shipmates. This leads to a lot of Humans with food allergies choosing life as a Ships' Human. The problem with this occurs when either they gain another Human... or the crew tries to bond with 'love gifts'.

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Challenge #03684-J031: Gezundheit

The human always wears a livesuit, or at least a protective head covering with full face mask when around havenworlders. Even when other humans were not. When asked, the human would sigh, sadly, and say, I'm allergic to everyone. -- Lessons

Some people should never go to space. Some people go anyway. I mean, who wouldn't right? Space is where all the cool stuff is. All the interesting people and fun places to see.

Hi. I'm Human Vaun, and I'm allergic to

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Challenge #03602-I315: For Everyone's Safety

The Dereggers learn you do NOT skimp on listing potential allergies they might have when entering a station. Fortunately, medics work fast so their children are soon breathing normally again. -- Anon Guest

"This is a list of every possible food ingredient," protested Parental Valentinia, from Greater Deregulation Lower South-East.

"We need to be sure. Allergens can be dangerous for the younger Humans and this is a less regulated space station."

"Doy. Why do you think I'm here," Valantinia scoffed. "You Galactics

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Challenge #02837-G280: A Listening Problem

The human was dragged into medical by their friends. Well, "dragged" is a bit of a strong word, considering that if the human really didn't want to go, they wouldn't have, but they weren't willing to risk injuring their friends by struggling too hard.

The problem? Hives. Bumpy, red, itchy hives, all over the human's body.

When questioned, they said "I'm allergic to stress." -- Anon Guest

"Look, I'm going to be fine," protested Human Hen, who was obviously not fine. "I

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