Challenge #02837-G280: A Listening Problem

The human was dragged into medical by their friends. Well, "dragged" is a bit of a strong word, considering that if the human really didn't want to go, they wouldn't have, but they weren't willing to risk injuring their friends by struggling too hard.

The problem? Hives. Bumpy, red, itchy hives, all over the human's body.

When questioned, they said "I'm allergic to stress." -- Anon Guest

"Look, I'm going to be fine," protested Human Hen, who was obviously not fine. "I just need you guys to clear my pills." Human Hen was covered in red, lumpy blotches, visible wherever their skin was. Since they were herded into Medical by a crowd of far more fragile crewmates.

Human Hen could fight their way out of the herd, but the action of doing so could cause the surrounding Havenworlders injury, so they shuffled along, red of face and complaining about everything rather than putting up a real fight. Medik S'kaa watched the show with thinly-veiled amusement.

"I'm okay," they said as the surrounding Geikha gently pushed them towards the scanner bed. "This is personally normal. I promise it's not deadly. It's not even infectious."

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