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Thursday, The Waiting Game

All things being well, today's the day that I get my regular phone back from the repair folks. I am VERY anxious to get my phone back.

So I am waiting with my Beloved for any notification that it's going to happen.

I shall feed the cats, and work on at least my daily tale. Anything else requires significantly more involvement.

Let's get on with getting on. Starting with the cats. They are, after all, the most important.

Just ask the cats.

UPDATE: My Beloved has gone to work, so I may or may not get any news regarding my dang phone. Regular nonsense will commence. Blurgh.

One Old Fart's Opinion: Suncorp Insurance Repairs Process

A little while ago, Hound got into my car and ripped its shit.

I called my insurance people - Suncorp - and they promptly arranged to have it all go away for the measly fee of $500 up front.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the original blog. It’s been a while. That was published March 10th. It’s been a whole month and a day since then.

They first told me “two weeks&

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Someone, somewhere, theorised that we spend half our lives waiting for something to happen.

Be that in a queue or in waiting rooms, or sitting around and waiting for someone in power to get the thumb out of their divot and get things done.

I, currently, have wasted half my day waiting for the men of the house to get their hairy arses into gear so we can finally finish fixing that fucking fence. They apparently spent all night programming - at

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