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Challenge #01893-E069: Surprising Goddess

From the world of five Gods. A God whose harvest of souls includes those whose last words were. "Ho lads! Hold my ale and watch this!" -- Knitnan

[AN: That description doesn't exactly fit that world... or the Gods]

Where there is a will, there is a way, and where there is a niche, there is a God. There is a Goddess of Fields and Flowers. There is a Goddess of Motherhood and another of Fertility. Sometimes, they pinch-hit for each other. These are realms in which feminity is expected, and downright necessary. For patrilineal societies, there is definitely a Goddess of Virginity.

What is unexpected is the one known informally as the Goddess of Fools. The more formal name for her is She of Ale-Soaked Dares. Or, She They Strive For.

Because ale-addled men will do anything for a shapely lady, or a comely face, or an interesting combination anywhere near the two. Ale and testosterone are lethal combinations, especially when attempting to impress a potential mate. Most men that young and that foolhardy also falsely believe that they are immortal, and thus haven't sworn to any particular God.

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Challenge #01617-D156: Reaching Out

What if someone decided they would not 'Get Even', what if they thought this 'payback with interest has gone on long enough' and just walked away from the whole mess. -- Knitnan

Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history, it is said, are doomed to repeat them. This is not just limited to those who fail their History tests. The moving finger may have written, but it tends to write in circles. Ninety percent of all wars are declared

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Challenge #01578-D117: What if Dog Was One of Us?

:A god is in the shape of a doggo, to travel the mortal realm: Using godly powers for pets FTW -- RecklessPrudence

People often wonder what it would be like if the Almighty came to earth to see the hatred and strife that humanity perpetuates on itself. What people forget is that God is love. And there is only one mortal form that holds only pure and unconditional love. It has four legs, and a waggy tail.

Grace was not thinking any

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viixiie: FUN RELIGION FACTS-The Pagan pentacle is a protection symbol-Halloween began Pagan and was sort of taken and altered by numerous...


-The Pagan pentacle is a protection symbol
-Halloween began Pagan and was sort of taken and altered by numerous religious, one being Christianity, and went from a day where spirits could come to visit (also the end/start of the year) to a day to chase spirits away
-“Satanism” =/= Cults. Satanism was created by people in Christian societies who didn’t agree with the “giving” lifestyle. Satanism is about putting yourself first, respecting yourself and others, and

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Another rant for another time #1: Repentance vs Religion

I made a promise and I’m that honest that I have to at least try to see it through. All grist for the thing-a-day. I will make a concerted effort to stay on topic, because otherwise this theme could last me the rest of my life.

Stand back. I’m about to get outspoken.

Here’s a bombshell for you. You do not have to be religious to repent.


I know, I know. The word “repent&

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It's OK to trust in God...

You know damn well there’s a huge, neon rainbow “but” attached to that title.

It’s okay to trust in God (or the Higher Power of your choice)


Trust, also, that God gave you brains to think with, ears to listen with, and eyes to see.

Any Higher Power worth the time/energy/effort of worship would know that a bunch of rules written down thousands of years ago may not hold as technology improves,

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