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Friday, PLNs and Crimbo

I definitely have to round up a ham. Not a huge ham, but a nicely-sized one anyway. There's only going to be four of us. According to news so far.

Knowing us, we'll still have plenty if anyone else turns up.

Mum's "okay" with the flatbreads, but I don't think they're the winner I wanted them to be.

Ah well. Live and learn. Best tried and failed than never tried at all. Something has to win eventually.

I have stretchies yet to do, offerings to make, and hopefully some firkin CHAPTERS to finish.

I was very busy yesterday.

Stretchies henceforth. Offerings post that.

Tuesday, Tech Support and Patreon

I might not be able to do the Patreon stuff today. If I get to it, I shall be getting to it in the afternoon or more towards the evening.

If it doesn't come up today, it will happen tomorrow. Which will also mean another episode of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale

At this point, it's vague spoilers for the novel I'm working on. Things are changing with the demands of narrative and things aren't easy for my heroes. And

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Friday, Evening PLNs

I borked my wrist by sleeping on it wrong, so this morning was more painful than it needed to be. I should get some medication on that noise.

My PLNs today include habitat unfuckening, resting my poor sore wrist, followed by some fun times with Beloved for a special event.

I might take a nap in the middle of the day so that I have the energy for that.

But my focus for now is delivering that delicious content. So let's get

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