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Challenge #03672-J019: A Wolf With Honour

I am a member of Pax Humanis. I have sworn my very life, my SOUL, to this Havenworlder and their family. I will protect them for as long as I can draw breath. They saved my beloved family, they saved my children, anyone that touches them, or my family, will pray that death finds them before I do. -- The New Guy

Once upon a time, a Human decided that it was a good idea to throw food to a wolf. Eventually, they created dogs from doing that.

Zaak had often wondered if that was the starting point for Humanity's species-wide insanity. Certainly, hir studies had never been helpful in finding a solution to that question. Answering it was moot, of course. People could not simply cure or prevent species-wide madness. There were ethics involved.

Just like the ethics of freeing a trapped Human from fallen debris. They were an intelligent being in distress. Leverage and quick thinking saved a life.

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Challenge #03308-I020: Repaid in Full

Though he never knew how many lived there, he'd saved well over 500 lives. Saving that small village by discovering a cure for a plague had become his deepest desire. He'd saved them not because Wraithvine had required him to save lives as penance for his crimes, but because looking into the eyes of the sick children, he swore to every god that would listen he'd rather die than see these people suffer, Wraithvine's requirement bedamned! Cold irony, the cure didn't work

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Challenge #03294-I006: The Statistical Outlier

The human who followed the princess home became quite well educated in more than gal-simple. And not long after, all humans were welcomed into the Alliance, albeit, though many were wary, afraid, and some still openly hostile toward the race. But this human, until their death due to old age, refused to stop protecting the princess who was their first, true, friend. -- Anon Guest

The Humans, once they were fully welcomed into the Alliance, would

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Challenge #03158-H249: Instant Friendship

H: Waking up and unable to move, groaning softly. "I hurt, what happened?"

A: "Don't you remember? You were so brave."

H: "Why can't I move?"

A: "You're in a full body brace."

H: "How did I get out?"

A: "er..... Two men you saved were Pax Humanis. Apparently, they said they now owe you their lives and wouldn't let anyone else carry you out."

H: "I'm... so... tired... you and they... are... welcome." -- Anon Guest

Human Ren tried to come

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