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Sunday, Meatspace PLNs

We're up to shenanigans, today. Huzzah! Going out with friends and family to drive tiny cars around an indoor racetrack for the afternoon.

With possible option for treats afterwards.

Current detail bothering me: I am driving Miss Chaos to the place and picking up KIABIL along the way. Alas, I know not where the fucking destination is and I kind'a need that for the GPS.

I'm sure it will be sorted before I take off.

Chapter count: Wrote the first words into Chapter 273

I think a large part of my pause here is because I have been chasing endorphins via games. Also I don't have my lappy yet and writing on the iPad without a functioning keyboard is almost punishment.

Not liking the experience.

Doing my stream at the top of the hour. Getting organised sometime after that.

Sunday, Day 0, Stream Day

Four new cases, giving us a total of fifty eight active cases. Three patients in ICU, fifty-four in hospital. So I'm guessing that only the four newest ones are the ones who aren't in hospital yet. This is scary beans. No local transmission, but... also more chances of it kicking off.

I'm powering down my Peakd account for reasons that are related to the continuing need to fix our bathroom before the sink finally breaks someone's leg. There's other reasons, but I'm

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Today's the day I get a blipectomy. Today's also the day I decided that it's just too hot and muggy to sport longer hair, so I shaved it off. And Beloved helped get all the bits I didn't because I can't see what I missed when I have my glasses off because I'm shaving my head.

And because I am made of mischief, we decided to dye the stubble a pale blue. Which means I'm currently soaking my scalp in bleach so

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Sundays and Tuesdays are Beloved's days off from April to just after November [long story]. So those are the days that Beloved and I have our little adventures.

For example: Last Tuesday, Beloved took us all on a budget-busting trip to Costco in an effort to save us some money in the long term. Short term? Not so much.

Today, I have actually found a factory outlet place that is not located in the extreme back of Burke or another state or

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Challenge #00984-B253: Party Zone, Fun City.

Party zone, fun city, playtime for (so called adults). You can concentrate on either the goings on or the consequences. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hope you don't mind, but I fixed the obvious typos]

You could call it a fun park, but it was closer to being an entire metropolis at this stage. They called it Fun City, and it contained every kind of enjoyment there was for an adult to indulge in.

There was the Spa Quarter, the Movies District, Shotgun

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