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Challenge #02158-E329: Shattering Performance

The noise was indescribable, and practically cleaning the windows. -- Anon Guest

If there is any sound in the entire planar system to be feared, it is that of a Kobold Bard about to commence a Traditional Kobold Folk Song.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." the Bard took another deep breath, "Eeeeenouncing salutations, my merry pack this day... We celebrate the ending of a knight who came to slay..."

Kobolds, being creatures of darkness and tunnels, had bats to teach them what music was. They do not share the views of sunsiders who had birds to sing and inspire the first songs. Thus it was that the Kobolds and other underdwellers were the only ones clapping along. That included Lady Anthe, who had spent time in both realms. The sunsiders, attempting to be polite in a rare festival atmosphere of friendship, had smiles approaching grimaces and the thoughtful look of people attempting to work out how to politely stick their fingers in their ears.

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Challenge #01645-D184: Unwelcome Vistors

Federation ships may have phasers and photon torpedoes, but those are only a distraction for the real weapon: the swiss-omnitool that is the main deflector array. That thing can do anything, take out any threat. It just takes some time to be adapted to the current opponent. That's what the things everyone thinks of as weapons are for - to buy that time. -- RecklessPrudence

Throughout the galaxy, assorted species have learned one important lesson: Don't mess with the Federation. Some, like

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Challenge #00735 - B004: Might or Flight

“You suggested something diplomatic,” [Person] noted.

“What, I can’t be diplomatic?” I asked, affronted. “I’m extremely diplomatic. I’m just brimming with diplomacy.”

“Of the Admiral Perry variety,” [Person] said.

“Gunship diplomacy is still diplomacy,” I protested.

“This is all very well for definitive terms,” reminded Captain Mij. “But when it’s us versus the humans, perhaps a more delicate version of diplomacy might be called

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