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Challenge #02550-F360: A Hero is You

Grandma I got the big sad, can you read me a story? -- Anon Guest

Oh my child, my darling dear. Sadness must be hunted. A story can quell it, but you must trace it to be happy in the long term. It is a hunt only you can embark upon. You must armour yourself with happier times, you must strengthen your soul with the knowledge that your true family is always there to support you, and arm yourself with clever thoughts to defeat it.

Sadness can turn into a monster if you let it, my dear one. It can grow too big to deal with alone. Sometimes, it will grow too large to deal with in company. It will eat you if you're not aware. Best to hunt it down while it's still small enough to defeat.

You've done well, darling. You have recognised that you have a big sad. You've spotted the monster. You know it best, because it is yours. The stories quell it, we know. The stories make it cautious. That's because the stories tell you that all monsters have a weakness. The stories help you know that monsters can be killed. Remember them as you track your beast.

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Challenge #01317-C222: For Hate's Sake...

"You idiot! Can't you see this will hurt both of us?"

"Well yes, but it'll hurt you a lot more than it'll hurt me, and I can live with that." -- OohLookShiny

There were things she could never talk about. And one of them was the battle of wits with a godlike being.

They could make their arena look like anything. Be made out of anything. They could cast a glamour so powerful that it overwhelmed her. But there was always that

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Challenge #01012-B280: Didn't Think Things Through

Inspired by The Best Friends RE4 playthru. When the bad guy turns themself into a giant impractical monster, what's the plan for afterward? I mean you beat the hero but now what? -- SeaDragon2012

The gigantic monster looked down the endless abyss that the hero had fallen down to their ultimate defeat.

Victory! Victory at last!

Now all the power in the world was theirs. All they had to do was enter the portal...

...that was made for more normal-sized humans.


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