Challenge #01012-B280: Didn't Think Things Through

Inspired by The Best Friends RE4 playthru. When the bad guy turns themself into a giant impractical monster, what's the plan for afterward? I mean you beat the hero but now what? -- SeaDragon2012

The gigantic monster looked down the endless abyss that the hero had fallen down to their ultimate defeat.

Victory! Victory at last!

Now all the power in the world was theirs. All they had to do was enter the portal...

...that was made for more normal-sized humans.

The monster couldn't even squeeze more than an arm through. Definitely couldn't reach the artefact of ultimate power over life and death.

The monster peered through the portal. If it tried to tear a monster-sized hole in the wall, it would still have to struggle through the hall. Any of which, once destroyed, could cause the entire temple to come down on it.

The monster belatedly realised that it was trapped in a single, large room, with no native plant or wildlife. It couldn't even try climbing down the abyss to devour the hero's body.

It wouldn't fit through the gap.

Perhaps it should have listened when the hero tried to warn them. Some power was never meant to be used.

At least not indoors.

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