Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I actually had an idea and it's going to be slightly interesting in the carrying out. Basically, I have to take public transport again after literal years of not doing that. And then I get a lift back. Whee.

Because instead of a day off, Beloved is off cityside to do some training stuff, so I shall meet her in the city for our nonsense.

I shall need my walking shoes, and a transit pass. The latter of which I shall be acquiring later in the day.

Today, I think I shall be going off about Hanahaki, and how it works/worked and what could be done with it. You know. IF it wasn't such a persistent fanficcy trope.

And I won't be using it in my worlds, but rather encouraging others to bring it into mainstream writing, one way or another. Just a few suggestions to 'legitimise' it.

The Cyclone Headache persists. Intermittently. Which is the real nastard of my life. There is weather happening, but I'm blowed if I can figure out what it is. I really don't want my radius enlarged.

It's annoying and useless and I would rather it was gone. Especially with the photosensitivity comorb.

Anyways, I would like very much to do some chambering, write a thing about a thing, and maybe finish a chapter in the book I'm supposed to be writing.

So I should get on with that.