Challenge #03404-I116: A Palpable Hit

The very motley crew, with a woman who seemed to want to take everyone under her wing with a kind heart beneath that gruff exterior begins to enter the realm of danger. The "Old Fool" rather glad for the help with clothing gets helplessly damaged, and the ones that were once lonely, bereft of friends or family, find the warmth, even in facing a deadly foe, that comes with being loved. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Also linked to Force Ma-jeure ]

"This is a lesson in humility," mumbled Wraithvine for the umpty-umpth time. "Every time I lean towards vainglory, the universe reminds me that no being exists for their ego." This seemed to calm hir.

Abundance had a far briefer philosophy with the same spirit, "Shit happens. Get used to it."

So far, their trip through the Undermountain had been solving problems of forces that were meant to oppose them. Ma's fibrecraft bag and crochet needle had been busy, throughout. And yet, things were getting serious.

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