Tuesday! (Day Three)

I have Patreon stuff to post and the good news for the higher tiers is that I finally have a chapter of KOSBOB finished. Fresh outta the oven like yesterday because that's when I wrote a number that was higher than the last number.

Today, I write the first words in the next chapter.

In other news:

  • Victoria's quarantine hotels were filthy, which goes a long way into explaining why so many people wanted to skip out of quarantine
  • 200 people in Sydney decided to throw a firkin beach party
  • The security and training for the initial set of quarantine hotels was inadequate, inappropriate, and downright dangerous. Damn
  • They now have a procession of symptoms for the plague. Fever, cough, muscle pain, then nausea and diahhroea. Yay
  • New Zealand speculation now includes international flights
  • Thanks to social distancing protocols have reduced the impact of the flu. Shocker
  • Swooping season starts early, goes for longer because global climate change
  • 5 and 10 cent coins may soon vanish (because plague?)
  • ASIO 50c piece has SECRET CODE ZOMG!

Also, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my arse :P

It's almost bus o'clock. I shall attempt story but outlook not great. Also doing Patreon nonse instead.

Story soon enough.