Challenge #02777-G220: Signal to Noise

Chuckled “I sense death behind us”

The moment the human said that some ordinance were detonated behind us, and a Vicious growl to our south -- Anon Guest

Human methods of memetic communication leave much to be desired. One has to know a certain volume of Terran art forms, especially popular Terran art forms, in order to understand what a memetic Human is attempting to communicate.

In this example, a stylised Human is sitting in a means of public transit and giggling about being in mortal peril. There is no further context. Humans have been known to fake a chuckle and say the phrase in a creepy falsetto. Usually, this happens before something explodes. Usually, the something explodes because of something the Human arranged beforehand.

Strangely, this phrase has never been any given Humans' last words. Statistically speaking, most Humans' last words are similar to, "They can't possibly hit us at this ran--"

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