Unriddling Problems

A 4-post collection

Tuesday, Patreon, Shrinky Business, and Unriddling

I got a very helpful pointer for my work in Stencyl. The instructions as written didn't include one easily-missed step. Now I know what to do for all the rest.


Further bulletins as events warrant.

I have an interview with my shrink, amongst other business. Which now includes returning to the tutorial for Stencyl.

I'm at least going to try before I lean on Beloved to make the dang app. If I need her to do it.

Who knows? I might just cobble together a passable Pseuducku game all by myself.

...and then it shall offend Beloved so much that she makes a better one XD

I don't mind if that happens, honestly. The point is that I tried my best.

I'm going to record some chapters for Adorable, and then it should be nearly time for shrink session.

Let's GO!

Monday, Unriddling and Reads

I got some advice about Stencyl's oddities, which I shall be attempting to follow in the fullness of time. Tale Foundry is doing the pseudosocial backup readings.

I've already recorded a couple of chapters for Adorable. I shall be working on another chapter of my WIP during the proceedings, and the offerings shall occur henceforth.

Currently, I am typing with one hand because Jolie needs a pillow/teddy bear.

[Shown here: A white and black cat with a human hand under their

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Saturday, Unriddling Continueth

So the record player thing is turning into a bit of a saga. Whoops. Nothing is ever easy because snobs about audio stuff had to make things difficult.

The new power cord works, yay, but the speakers that should have been plug-and-play are incapable of anything more than a squeak. On one speaker instead of two.

We needed an amp.

Good news! We have one of those. Bad news! It weighs about fifteen hundred kilos [hyperbole] and bent the shelf whenever it

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Friday, Unfuckening and Unriddling

The record player is now in its proper place! Yay. Now the problem is that the power cord isn't powering the thing. Boo. It's a hellaciously expensive record player, so I doubt the whole thing has gone to Silicone Heaven.

It's probably the power cord. And if it isn't the power cord, then it's the power plug. We shall be doing some investigations when both of us are conscious.

I really hope that we're not down an entire hellfuck expensive record player

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