Tuesday, Patreon, Shrinky Business, and Unriddling

I got a very helpful pointer for my work in Stencyl. The instructions as written didn't include one easily-missed step. Now I know what to do for all the rest.


Further bulletins as events warrant.

I have an interview with my shrink, amongst other business. Which now includes returning to the tutorial for Stencyl.

I'm at least going to try before I lean on Beloved to make the dang app. If I need her to do it.

Who knows? I might just cobble together a passable Pseuducku game all by myself.

...and then it shall offend Beloved so much that she makes a better one XD

I don't mind if that happens, honestly. The point is that I tried my best.

I'm going to record some chapters for Adorable, and then it should be nearly time for shrink session.

Let's GO!