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Challenge #03641-I353: Communication Barrier

They cannot speak Galactic Standard or Galactic Simple, the translator is broken. Fortunately, the human has learned to speak, and understand, their whistling language. -- Anon Guest

Translator units were never entirely reliable. It was why most of the Alliance relied upon JOATS, polyglots, and stunt linguists to assist in negotiations. Make no mistake, translator units do an excellent job of translating the words. However... idioms, slang, and cultural references often slip through the cracks.

Translation software is always updating in an attempt to keep the metaphorical finger on the pulse of ever-changing language.

And then there's the Rennijym. A species of Avian Havenworlder who communicate exclusively in clicks and whistles. Most species can at least imitate the sounds necessary to handle GalSimple, even with some difficulty, but the Rennijym are not made that way.

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Challenge #02641-G084: A Significant Choice

I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages, mostly because I don't know what kind of drunk I am. I’m not willing to find out based off my parents, let’s just say alcohol was the reason why I was born. -- Anon Guest

"Small ale," said Lady Anthe.

"Rivenmont wine," said Wraithvine.

"I'll have a young cider," said Marvin.

Elf and Kobold alike looked to their Human compatriot. "Er," said Lady Anthe. "You remember you're of age now, yes?"

Wraithvine added,

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